Monday, March 18, 2013

Simple times...

The week passed quickly with much accomplished and simple times enjoyed. Over the weekend we had temperatures reach into the upper 60's lower 70's, it most definitely gave us a taste of spring. On Saturday we had a delightful visit from our friends the Burke family from South Carolina. Yesterday after church we spent the day out at the farm where I watched my older children interact laughing, telling jokes, and sharing their thoughts, all the while my littles where running, jumping, and yelling with wind whipping through their hair....not a care in the world! The simplicity of the day made my Mama heart swell with gratitude for I'm unworthy of these children and the overwhelming joy they bring me. As I have shared the seasons of change are upon us, we have adult children down to a wee babe growing in the womb....I am seeking to slow down and soak in this season, for it too shall pass quickly.

Praise be to the Lord for each season Arthur and I have experienced over the past 22 years....good and bad! Each bad season brought us a lesson from the Lord, which strengthened our faith, love for the Lord, and love for one another. Good times were to follow..... without the times in the valley we could never be thankful for the mountain top!


Nicole Pelkey said...

Beautifully written! Great post...a great reminder to slow down and take it all in. We've been Soooo busy the past week and I'm excited for some quiet days and back to our normal schedule!

Love reading here :)

Cinnamon said...

I want to be there with the wind whipping through my hair....well not too much whipping or my hair will really look a mess :-) haha!

Such lovely times. You are in a blessed season...time to enjoy, soak in all the lovliness around you and enjoy sweet blessings from the Lord.

Miss you!! Got your note. Thank you! Sending you a letter in tomorrows mail.

~hugs~ Cinnamon

Deb said...

Sounds like a lovely time! Enjoy it all! Springtime weather is only a dream here in VA...we had snow and freezing rain Sunday evening and all morning today! There's 2" out there on the ground now--nothing like what we had recently but enough to keep us inside by the fire!

Thank you, Laura, for such a nice sweet note. Loved not only hearing from you but also the lovely springy note card you selected!! I love old time snail mail!! Thank you, friend!