Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This, That, & 1,000....

poison ivy in summer
Poison Ivy

I feel I need to recant my statement as I spoke to soon, I posted that the poison ivy at the farm wasn't up and attacking, yet! Well, it had already attacked the rash just hadn't appeared, but it has now..... it's a nasty attack! The first victim of 2013 is Madison, he is the first every year! He was even being careful, wearing long sleeves and gloves, what he didn't know was it must have been on his gloves....and he scratched his face!!! Yep, Madison's face is covered, OUCH!!!! He is tough, no complaints.

If you were to drive through our town right now you would
see streets lined with beautiful Bradford Pear Trees in full
bloom. The white blooms scream welcome spring and
good bye to winters naked branches. Ruth Ella has been very 
enamored with the beauty of the trees clothed in their full blooms.
Last week Ruth Ella went shopping with her sisters, she talked
continually about the Bradford Pear trees. Ruth Ella didn't know
the name of the trees, but in her little mind she thought she did....
she has proclaimed them "Wedding Trees"! From here
on out the Bradford Pear tree will now be "Wedding Trees".
The house across the street from us has 14 Wedding Trees, 
each morning Ruth Ella looks out the window to make sure they
are still there :) The life and mind of a child, so very sweet!
With all the wedding talk, flowers, and such going on in the
house Ruth Ella's head is in wedding mode :)   

We hit 1,000 post!!!!!
OK, well truth be known this post is the 1010 post! I some how got a bit to busy to keep an eye on the number, I knew it was coming but missed it.  Anyway, I wanted to have a giveaway when we hit 1,000 post, so a giveaway is coming. I have some thoughts about what I'd like to give, and it's going to take me a little time to get it together....The giveaway will start on April 15!!!
Thank you for coming to visit our blog for the last 1,000 post.....
Now on to many more post of pictures, thoughts, birthdays, stories, and our simple life :)


Cinnamon said...

Happy 1000th post :-) I love browsing your blog and peeking into daily life there. Makes being so far away a bit easier :-)

I agree with Ruth Ella, they look like "wedding trees" so cute!

Poor Madison ( oops i said it - haha! ) I remember our acreage, 10 acres of poison oak :-/ I was on steroids for a very long year as I kept getting it.

miss you~ Cinnamon

The Munck Family said...

As I was typing out the poison ivy tell, I came to the end and thought..."poor Madison"! Which immediately I laughed thinking Oh the Kerschner family would get such a kick of Poor Madison :) So happy you were here to hear the story ;)

Hugs to you~

Faye Henry said...

Congrats... Wow... Lots of work being so consistent..