Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just my....

This week has been full,
oh you know just daily life kind of full,
truly just the norm.
With the "normal" of life comes many things....
Joy, Sorrow, Laughter, Disappointment,
Hope, Stress,
Accomplishments, Destruction,
and the list could go on....
I believe we have all at some given time experienced
all of the things on the list and more.
Days go by fast and are full,
life changes...
sometimes for the better, and sometimes not.
Today the scripture below continued to resonate in my mind....
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Hebrews 13:8
It's a plain simple truth,
that no matter where we are in life one thing never changes and that is
Jesus Christ....
He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
And because of that we can place or faith and trust in Him,
whatever comes our way!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cookbook:Winner & A Big Thanks!

The winner is.....
Rebecca R
Bundle of Blessings
Congratulations, happy cooking
 and making memories with your kids :)
Please, email us your address...
munckfamily @
Our family has enjoyed hosting the giveaways
in celebration of our 1000th blog post!
Thank you everyone
 for stopping by the blog,
visiting and leaving comments:)
We look forward to continuing to share our
family and to host a monthly giveaway.
Blessings to each of you!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys & Girls...Giveaway

Cooking it can be a chore, a hobby, or just plain fun!
For some people cooking is just something they do to fill tummies,
     and for others it's creating something yummy to please others.
In our family cooking is a true mix of many things...
on busy days it's to fill tummies,
other days it's for creating and experimenting a new found recipe,
at times it's to test and learn about food from a different country.
Then there are the times of just plain old fun cooking,
where the children join in and it's as much about the fellowship as it is the meal.
The wonderful thing about fun cooking with children is everyone has a fantastic time
making memories while creating something scrumptious....
and littles are learning multiple skills like,
Math, Science, Health, Communication, Fine Motor Skills, and Patience :) 
We are a family who enjoys cooking,
then fellowshipping around the table with tasty foods....
often times created by many hands:)
This cookbook Arthur and I found a few weeks ago,
in a quaint little shop while out of town.
I feel in love with it as soon as I saw the cover,
once I opened it I knew I had to have one for our children.
The recipes are basic and simple,
the pictures cute as can be.....
I am drawn to all things old, this book was first published in 1957 :)

*Betty Crocker's Cookbook
for Boys and Girls

Betty Crocker's classic cookbook for children is back-in an authentic reproduction of the original 1957 edition

A whole generation of Baby Boomers grew up with Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls, and they have helped to make it the one of the most requested titles in the Betty Crocker archives. Now back by popular demand, this timeless favorite stands ready to capture the hearts of a new generation of budding cooks. Packed with recipes that are just as popular with kids today as they were 45 years ago, it shows how to make everything from Ice Cream Cone Cakes and Pigs in Blankets to Cheese Dreams and Sloppy Joes. The small format, easy recipes, charming color illustrations and photographs, and even the cover, are all the same as they were in the 1957 edition-and just as delightful as ever. The only innovation is the concealed wire binding that lies flat for easy cooking while being sturdy enough to withstand energetic handling by kids in the kitchen. It's the ideal book to give or to keep, for retro appeal, and for getting today's kids started in the kitchen.

How to Enter the Giveaway:
~The rules are simple, you can enter 2 ways~
* Leave a comment with your name
* Blog about this giveaway and let us know you did :)
Giveaway will close midnight TONIGHT!

For the Writer: Winner

The winner is.........  

Tiffany Forrest

Congratulations, hope you enjoy the writing items :)

Please, send us your address to.....
munckfamily @                        

Monday, April 22, 2013

For the Writer...Giveaway

We are a letter writing, journal keeping family.
There is nothing better to write with than an extra fine tip pen!
Letter writing has always been something I have found joy in.
When Arthur and I dated he owned his own business,
and would often need to purchase office supplies.
I loved to tag along to our locally owned office supply store.
Everything in the store was displayed so nicely, as if it were a department store.
While Arthur picked up his items,
I would walk around and peruse the pen and paper aisle...
often sampling pens on the test stripe papers :)
Once Arthur had his items he would find me and tell me to pick out a pen,
to which I was always happy to do.
Arthur would often chuckle later and say...
"you are an easy to please cheap date" :)
To this day I still love pens, paper, note cards, and journals,
and Arthur still buys them for me often.
Many of my children have the same love for these items,
that's why I have a "Mom's Drawer" cause it's nice to have your own.....
without bent tips:)
*Large Pink Notebook/Journal
*Small Hardback Journal
*Set of 8 Note Cards
*4 Pilot Extra Fine Point Pens
How to Enter the Giveaway:
~The rules are simple, you can enter 2 ways~
* Leave a comment with your name
* Blog about this giveaway and let us know you did :)
Giveaway will close midnight TONIGHT!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What is today?

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24
Because this is the Lord's day I was late in posting the giveaway winner. I am also skipping Sunday to do a giveaway, and will have another one tomorrow.
I hope each of you have a blessed Lord's day :)



The winner is....
 Kimber-Leigh Maxson   

Congratulations, enjoy  the smell
 and the taste of the yummy coffee:) 

Please, send us your address to....
munckfamily @                                

Saturday, April 20, 2013


We are a coffee loving, drinking kind of family!
We have several children who now drink coffee,
and a wee little one Mary Ann who begs for a sip
...then licks her lips afterwards.
I'm pretty sure that 50% of what flows through mine and Arthur's veins is coffee:)
Arthur drinks his coffee black blazing hot from brewing,
or can pick up his cup hours old and cold and finish it off...
He gets our award for die hard coffee drinker.
As for me I like it with a bit of cream and nice and warm,
so thankful Baby M now allows me a cup a day:) 
Our coffees of choice at the moment :)

*Dunkin favorite
*Starbucks-Vanilla....Arthur's favorite

How to Enter the Giveaway: 
~The rules are simple, you can enter 2 ways~
* Leave a comment with your name,
and who the coffee love is in your family 
Blog about this giveaway and let us know you did :)
Giveaway will close midnight TONIGHT!

Basic Country Skills: Winner

The winner is.....
Congratulations, happy learning for you and your family:)

Please, email your address to
munckfamily @

Friday, April 19, 2013

Basic Country Skills...Giveaway

Today we are giving away another book, this book hits close to home and heart for us.
For several years as a family we have sought to learn
 and bring basic country skills to our city life.
We have maintained and loved our garden each summer, we enjoy our fresh veggies:)
For a couple of years we had "City Chickens",
 last fall our Mennonite friends taught Arthur, Amanda, and Madison how to butcher the chickens. There are also many other basic skills that we do daily, yet, we don't really think of them as country skills like.....grinding wheat and making our own bread, herbal medicine, hunting, making soap, canning/preserving, etc.
 We hope that from the bit of learning we did here in our city home,
it will benefit us greatly once we move out to the country.
As we say, life is learning....
And we are ready to apply what we have learned on a much bigger scale,
continuing to learn as we go and making some mistakes along the way.
We city folk are ready for open fields and fresh air....
Well, when the farm next to us isn't fertilizing with manure :o 
Storey's Basic Country Skills

*This is the book for anyone who wants to become more self-reliant, from suburbanites with 1/4 of an acre to country homesteaders with several. The information is easily understood and readily applicable.
More than 150 of Storey's expert authors in gardening, building, animal raising, and homesteading share their specialized knowledge and experience in this ultimate guide to living a more independent, satisfying life.

Readers will find step-by-step, illustrated instructions for every aspect of country living including:  
  • Finding country land
  • Buying, building, and renovating a home
  • Developing water sources and systems
  • Understanding wiring, plumbing, and heating
  • Using alternative heating and energy sources
  • Vegetable, flower, and herb gardening
  • Traditional cooking skills such as baking bread and making maple syrup
  • Preparing and preserving meat, fruits, and vegetables
  • Building and maintaining barns, sheds, and outbuildings
  • Caring for common farm and ranch animals, and pets 

    How to Enter the Giveaway:
     ~The rules are simple, you can enter 2 ways~
    * Leave a comment with your name and let us know what you would like to learn. 
    * Blog about this giveaway and let us know you did :)
     Giveaway will close midnight TONIGHT!

    History: Winner

    The winner is.....
    Congratulations, this makes for some fascinating reading,
    and a wonderful DVD for family night :)

    Thursday, April 18, 2013


    Our family is a family who enjoys history,
     it seems to be "most" of our children's favorite subject.
    Which makes it very easy to teach. Once our older children got into middle/high school they began to really dig into history, they passed Arthur and I up on several topics. We didn't mind, as it's wonderful to see your children growing and learning...and teaching the parents a thing or two along the way :)
    The Sinking of 
      The Titanic....
    a wonderful bit of history in this book:)

    This is Amanda's favorite book,
    her research/love of the Titanic is part of reason
     for our trip to the Titanic Museum.
    *Originally written within months of the Titanic disaster, this is the true account — no Hollywood spin — of the men who gave up their lives for the ship's women and children. And of special significance, it is told by people who knew the survivors.

    As much as we all love to read, we enjoy DVD's as well.

    The League of Grateful Sons

    *More than 406,000 American soldiers died during the Second World War, leaving an estimated 183,000 children fatherless. Hundreds of thousands of other U.S. troops did return, but many never connected with their children. However, within the ranks of these survivors was a remarkable collection of men who made it their life mission to speak the providences of God and the meaning of manhood to the boys who would one day fill their shoes. Through wartime letters and present-day pilgrimages to the bloody battlefields of their youth, the ancient warriors have spoken. Their thankful children rise to honor and surpass their legacy. They are “The League of Grateful Sons.”

    How to Enter the Giveaway:
    ~The rules are simple, you can enter 2 ways~
    * Leave a comment with your name
    * Blog about this giveaway and let us know you did :)
    Giveaway will close midnight TONIGHT!

    Jonathan Park:Winner

    The winner is.......

                                                         Momma Chilson

    Congratulations, we hope you and your family enjoy listening to the adventure:)
    Please, send us your address :)
                                                       munckfamily @ att . net

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    Jonathan Park...Giveaway

    Our children love the Jonathan Park series, they are packed full of adventure, Science, and Biblical truths. As a family we enjoy listening to these in the van on trips. I have also found them great to play in the afternoons during quiet time...the littles will doze off and nap, while the older ones rest and listen :)


    We are giving away ....
    Jonathan Park-The Winds of Change
    Audio Set & Study Guide
    12 Episodes on 4Cd's
    What's on the Cd's...
    Now that the creation science museum is open, the Park and Brenan families are looking for new ways to continue to spread the creation message. Both families face a hurricane in Florida, travel to the Middle East to learn about the Tower of Babel, and form the Creation Response Team to help solve the disappearance of a well-known creationist. During all this they must also face and accept many new changes in their own families!
    How to Enter the Giveaway:
    ~The rules are simple, you can enter 2 ways~
    * Leave a comment with your name
    * Blog about this giveaway and let us know you did :)
    Giveaway will close midnight TONIGHT!

    Giveaway:Comment & Giveaway Information

    This morning I received this comment from Rebecca R: 

    Just wanted to let you know that I was not able to enter, as I am an email subscriber, and the email did not come through til 4:30 am this morning, so giveaway was already closed. :-(. Just thought you might be interested in that info that email subscribers get things later, so that giveaway was too quick for some of us. :-)

    Thank you so much Rebecca for the information, I had no idea what time people who subscribe get it in their email. I have thought about how I could change it around to possibly have the giveaway last 48 hours, that way covering those who get this in email form....Yet, that would make the giveaways last up to 2 weeks. This would stretch the giveaways out to long for the season in life in which we are in, I'm sure I would fall behind on posting and getting the giveaways out in a timely manner.

    I plan to post the giveaway each day by 12noon EST, and have it end each night at 12: 00 midnight. I will then post the winner each morning...this just seems easiest from our schedule and for my brain to keep up with ;) I'm so very sorry for those who get this in email form, who may not get it until after the giveaway has ended. My suggestion is, if you have time during the day pop in after noon and check out the blog, just to make sure your not missing out on something you would really me I do know and understand that on many days that is easier said than done with a busy household of littles.


    Ball Canning...Winner

    The winner is.......

    Rebecca C. Fowler
    I hope you enjoy the canning supplies,
    and many tasty memories are made with them :)
    Send me your address.
    Now for the next giveaway......

    Tuesday, April 16, 2013

    Ball Canning...Giveaway

    Over the past few years canning has become
     something I really enjoy,
    not just because we love to have
     fresh veggies preserved for later ....
    It's now a hobby that I look forward to each summer/fall :)

    I put together a starter kit for canning,
    minus the jars and canner, as that would be a bit
    pricey and hard to ship ;)


    *Blue Ball Book -guide to preserving
    *Ball-Utensil Set for Preserving
    *Ball-Dissolvable Labels
    *Strawberry Gift Tags, for fun :)
    If, you are new to canning it's not hard at all!
    There are several things I enjoy about canning, 
    the first thing is at end of the day you have
     healthy yummy food stored up for later use.
    Second would be the great satisfaction in the days work that was accomplished, last is my favorite part about canning....
    The time spent in fellowship with those who came along side that day to help, definitely sweet times with memories made. 
    How to Enter the Giveaway:
    ~The rules are simple, you can enter 2 ways~
    * Leave a comment with your name and let us know if you have ever canned before
    * Blog about this giveaway and let us know you did :)
    Giveaway will close midnight TONIGHT!
    ~winner will be announced tomorrow~

    Monday, April 15, 2013

    Giveaway Delay & Information....

    1000th Post!!!!
    APRIL 15!

    How did the day get away so quickly???

    Well, it did, and I didn't get the (1st) giveaway posted, as I had planned. This gives me a moment to tell you about the 1000th post giveaway. I had thought about doing a hodge podge type giveaway with many items all lumped into 1 big giveaway, with just 1 winner. Then I thought, NO, I'll do a week of giveaways one a day, yep, that's what it's going to be :) Each day will be a different item or items of things our family likes/enjoys. I think this is going to be a lot of fun, so come back tomorrow and check out what our first giveaway will never know it may be something you like as well :)


    Thursday, April 11, 2013

    Crayola Crayon Birthday

    March 7, 2013
    Wesley turned 6!!!!!!

    The birthday theme was Crayola Crayons,
    Wesley loves to color!

    We decorated in primary colors, it was bright and fun!
    I found the Crayola Crayon material weeks before Wesley's
    birthday at the fabric store.
    I already had the theme planned, and happened upon the material..
    I love when things like this happen.
    I think this birthday was one of my favorites,
     it very simple to put together.



    On the Menu:
    ~Pizza & Salad~

    Birthday Candy:
    ~Skittles & Twizzlers~

    It seems this year Wesley was more excited
     about his birthday than ever,
    he was counting down the days weeks before. 
    Wesley was giddy at his party,
    he kept asking if all the crayons were his:)

    We made 2 birthday desserts a cake
    Fruity Pebbles Crayon!
    The crispy treat crayon was the big hit:) 


    Wesley was ready to color once his presents were opened
    and dessert was eaten! 

    Happy Birthday Wesley!!!!!
    We all love you!!!!!


    Wednesday, April 10, 2013

    Tuesday, April 9, 2013

    Our holiday weekend...

    We packed a lot into our holiday weekend from
    Good Friday to Sunday,
    Resurrection Day.

    Good Friday was my birthday, and my family made the day very special for me :)
    My sweet husband took me to lunch at Cracker Barrel,
    we had a wonderful meal, the highlight was our long chat over coffee.
    He then took me to Target to shop and roam.

    When we arrived home the house smelled divine, and was decorated so lovely!
    They had my favorite candy, which only comes out once a year....
    Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Pastel Eggs, Yum!

    I love these bunnies as they were my grandmothers, she gave them to me years ago.
    I was thrilled to see the girls had them on the table for my birthday.
    On the menu:
    *Broccoli Cheddar Soup
    *Texas Toast
    *Cheddar Bread
    *Lemon Cupcakes w/Cream Cheese Icing
    *Buttermilk Sugar absolute favorite cookie!

    Baby M...21 weeks
    I was ask several times if it felt odd to be turning 41, you know I don't mind getting older.
    I'm just thankful to be blessed with another year....
    truly my life just keeps getting better with age:)


    ~blurry, cell phone pic~

    On Saturday our family went out for some Japanese
    at Kanpai of Tokyo....and more birthday fun! Well, I wasn't so
    sure it was fun when they sang to me and gave me a hat to wear. The kids got a hoot, seeing Mama in the hat.
    We all enjoyed watching the
    cook put on his performance, the littles were fascinated by the
    flames and cooking. The food was fantastic, we had one that liked it more than anyone, MaryAnn. I believe she ate her weight in rice and chicken :)

    Our next stop for the day was
    Chattanooga National Cemetery.....
    up the  hill to
    Grandma Elizabeth's
    This has been our family tradition since we had children, to visit the cemetery
    every year on Easter weekend.
    Arthur's parents grave

    This year we had another grave to visit,
    as Paps is now buried in National Cemetery too.
    While there we ran into my mom and grandmother, they too were bringing flowers :) Paps head stone went up several weeks ago, it looks very nice. The area we are standing in is a newly opened area of the cemetery, all of these veterans have passed away since the beginning of January. If, you haven't had the privilege to visit a National Cemetery, you should make it a point to try. They are beautifully maintained, the headstones give the cemetery such a sleek clean uniform look...such rich history buried within those gates.

    Upon our arrival home it was time for the littles to get baths and cleaned up
    for Sunday. As they cleaned up we prepared the kitchen for making
    Resurrection Rolls.
    This is another family tradition,
    one that packs a powerful message with the story of Jesus death, burial, and resurrection
    while having visuals and hands on learning.
    This year as the rolls baked Elizabeth read to us from
    Matthew 27 & 28

    Watching & Waiting

    Resurrection Sunday
    We were blessed to be able to go to church were we can worship Christ freely,
    with a body of believers.
    The message our pastor spoke was powerful
    and definitely God-breathed.

    We had a simple meal.....
    *Crock Pot Chicken & Stuffing
    *Baked Potatoes
    *Steamed Carrots
    *Deviled Eggs
    *Celery w/ Pimento Cheese
    *Cheddar Bread
    Dessert was a mix of things....
    *Strawberry/Pretzel Salad
    *Chocolate Pie
    *Sugar Cookies
    We all ate way to much!

    Our day was very low key,
     spent in fellowship with one another making memories
     and savoring our time together.

    Monday, April 8, 2013

    Mary Ann

    Mary Ann ...her silly side:)
     Our baby is 23 months today, hard to believe that next month we will be celebrating Mary Ann's second birthday. I have lots of thoughts floating around in my head for her big day!

    Mary Ann...the snuggly cozy side, and she's oh so loving!

    Mary Ann is a morning person, she starts her day off talking and doesn't slow down. The first thing Mary Ann likes to do in the morning is have her hair fixed, and ask for her "Bow Bow" before she has a diaper change or eats breakfast. To be such a rounder she is all girl! Mary Ann likes to be silly, make faces, and she is loud. She loves to be read to, and to color.... and on occasion eats the crayons :0  Mary Ann has a thing for her feet, she loves shoes, mainly boots. Yet, if she doesn't have on shoes, she wants her socks off too, that way she can see her painted I said such a girl! When someone is getting ready to leave the house namely her Daddy, Mary Ann is ready and willing to go along. She likes car rides and to be out and about.

    There is the other side of Mary Ann, the calm laid back side. She like to be rocked, snuggled, and sang to. She enjoys nap time and bed time, and willingly comes ready for some down time. I think this has something to do with what you see in the picture above, her comfy cozy items....the ones that she very attached to. The first is her pink blanket (well, kind of pink, it's now lost it's rich pink color from so many washings) and her multi color blanket made by our friend Laura....these 2 blankets are a must in bed at all times, and if not feeling well, or you know, just to carry around for comfort. The 3 kitties are her bestest buddies, the 2 above her head sleep on either side of her at night. The kitty in her hands is named Candy Cat, this was originally Ruth Ella's Ruth Ella has a love for cats too. Anyway, Mary Ann months ago took up with Candy Cat, as if it were her own. One afternoon I ask Ruth Ella if Mary Ann could nap with Candy Cat, to which she replied "sure Mama, and Mary Ann can have her since she loves her"....sister love, so sweet. Candy Cat is indeed loved and goes everywhere with us, even to church. 

    23 months gone, now we are looking forward to the months and years ahead with our little love, Miss Mary Ann :)