Friday, April 19, 2013

Basic Country Skills...Giveaway

Today we are giving away another book, this book hits close to home and heart for us.
For several years as a family we have sought to learn
 and bring basic country skills to our city life.
We have maintained and loved our garden each summer, we enjoy our fresh veggies:)
For a couple of years we had "City Chickens",
 last fall our Mennonite friends taught Arthur, Amanda, and Madison how to butcher the chickens. There are also many other basic skills that we do daily, yet, we don't really think of them as country skills like.....grinding wheat and making our own bread, herbal medicine, hunting, making soap, canning/preserving, etc.
 We hope that from the bit of learning we did here in our city home,
it will benefit us greatly once we move out to the country.
As we say, life is learning....
And we are ready to apply what we have learned on a much bigger scale,
continuing to learn as we go and making some mistakes along the way.
We city folk are ready for open fields and fresh air....
Well, when the farm next to us isn't fertilizing with manure :o 
Storey's Basic Country Skills

*This is the book for anyone who wants to become more self-reliant, from suburbanites with 1/4 of an acre to country homesteaders with several. The information is easily understood and readily applicable.
More than 150 of Storey's expert authors in gardening, building, animal raising, and homesteading share their specialized knowledge and experience in this ultimate guide to living a more independent, satisfying life.

Readers will find step-by-step, illustrated instructions for every aspect of country living including:  
  • Finding country land
  • Buying, building, and renovating a home
  • Developing water sources and systems
  • Understanding wiring, plumbing, and heating
  • Using alternative heating and energy sources
  • Vegetable, flower, and herb gardening
  • Traditional cooking skills such as baking bread and making maple syrup
  • Preparing and preserving meat, fruits, and vegetables
  • Building and maintaining barns, sheds, and outbuildings
  • Caring for common farm and ranch animals, and pets 

    How to Enter the Giveaway:
     ~The rules are simple, you can enter 2 ways~
    * Leave a comment with your name and let us know what you would like to learn. 
    * Blog about this giveaway and let us know you did :)
     Giveaway will close midnight TONIGHT!


    Kay said...

    That book look interesting:)
    I would like to know more maybe about traditional cooking.
    Have a great day!

    Hannah G. Patterson said...

    Hey we live on 32 acres of land (mostly wooded). I would like to learn how to become self sufficient off of are land. Thanks for doing this!

    Hannah G. Patterson said...

    I've posted about it. Thanks again!

    Libby M. said...

    I would so love to learn about preserving, bread making and herb gardening. This looks like a wonderful DVD. Thanks for hosting ths giveaway!

    Libby M. said...

    I blogged about it at:

    Stella Clark said...

    Would love to win this book! My husband and I are getting ready to build a house on 5 scres and while we know some basics like gardening, we'd love to learn more!

    Christine said...

    Looks like a great book!

    Kimberly said...

    This is wonderful! I would love this book for learning more about canning what we'll have coming out of the garden this summer :) I have the equipment, but I haven't really learned how to can/preserve our food yet! Thanks for the giveaway. Found your blog through "A Perfect Lily" blog and I'm looking forward to reading it more!

    Scott -Kathy Wilson said...

    Oh! How nice to learn and be able to teach my boys valuable skills.

    1a02d810-a922-11e2-8f50-000bcdcb8a73 said...

    I'm so excited!! We planted 2 apple trees & they are blooming! :) The kids check them each day for new blooms. We are interested in growing some veggies & learning to can. We enjoy keeping up with your family! Hope you are having a blessed day!

    Rebekah W said...


    Hannah said...

    Please enter me in! I would love to have this book!


    Hannah Sawyer

    Unknown said...

    Please enter me!

    I would like to learn more on gardening!


    Marsha S.

    Missy Parris said...

    We don't want to enter because we got this at Christmas and I just love it. This will be a great book for someone!!! These giveaways are so generous. Missy

    BlessedBeyondMeasurex7 said...

    We're starting our first garden. We live on a little less than an acre and we are trying to get into developing a compost pile too. Thanks for all these great giveaways!


    daybreaking said...

    This book looks very interesting. I'd like to enter the giveaway.

    1HappyWife said...

    We would love to win! Why? Because we are about clueless on all the topics covered in the book.

    Cinnamon said...

    Oh this is one book I would love. So many good things to learn about :-)


    Rebecca R. said...

    Well, I am not currently in a position to use that much from this book, as much as I would like to, but my sister would probably be quite interested in some of the topics covered, so If I won, I would give it to her as a gift!

    Angela B. said...

    I would love to learn more about gardening and preserving food. Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!!

    Angela :)

    Kelly said...

    Oh I would LOVE this book... I have lots to learn :) .... but would like to learn more about gardening and home renovation to start. Thanks for all these great giveaways !!!

    © Annie W.-T. said...

    I will love to have this book about gardening, baking breads & preserving. thanks for the chance to win.

    Charity said...

    I would love to learn...ALL of what this book talks about! Thank you for blessing your readers with this giveaway!

    Nicole Pelkey said...

    I bet its a great book! We have storeys guide to raising dairy goats ... very informational! Would love to win this book :)

    Renata said...

    I would love to win this, but am an international reader . Please enter me if it is open to overseas readers!

    Jody Dake said...

    Even though we farm at our glorious "Bluffview Spring Farm," there is always something new to learn. We would love to explore the knowledge from this wonderful book. Thanks for such a great and helpful giveaway! Come over to our blog and see all the farming posts. Hope your family and the little one you are carrying are doing well.
    In His Grace,

    The Munck Family said...

    The giveaway ended at midnight, the 19th...sorry ladies, it was to late to enter.