Thursday, April 11, 2013

Crayola Crayon Birthday

March 7, 2013
Wesley turned 6!!!!!!

The birthday theme was Crayola Crayons,
Wesley loves to color!

We decorated in primary colors, it was bright and fun!
I found the Crayola Crayon material weeks before Wesley's
birthday at the fabric store.
I already had the theme planned, and happened upon the material..
I love when things like this happen.
I think this birthday was one of my favorites,
 it very simple to put together.



On the Menu:
~Pizza & Salad~

Birthday Candy:
~Skittles & Twizzlers~

It seems this year Wesley was more excited
 about his birthday than ever,
he was counting down the days weeks before. 
Wesley was giddy at his party,
he kept asking if all the crayons were his:)

We made 2 birthday desserts a cake
Fruity Pebbles Crayon!
The crispy treat crayon was the big hit:) 


Wesley was ready to color once his presents were opened
and dessert was eaten! 

Happy Birthday Wesley!!!!!
We all love you!!!!!



Deb said...

Oh my goodness!!! Y'all are amazing! This b'day celebration is so bright and colorful and FUN!!! Happy Birthday, Wesley! Love the shirt!

victoria said...

Happy Birthday Wesley! What a cute party theme.



I love how this party was set up. It looks so fun.

Mrs. Josh said...

Your party looks like sooooo much fun.:) I love that idea. Happy late birthday to you too! :) I love the picture of all the children too. Everyone looks so happy.

Faye Henry said...

Happy Birthday and it looks like so much fun.. what a beautiful family..
Have a great weekend.. xo

Cinnamon said...

ALL your parties looks fun to me :-)

What a colorful party too. Six is a super age. I'd want all the crayons too ;-)

Happy Birthday Wesley!!


Lynda said...

One thing I like about you having such a large family is we get to see a LOT of celebrations and many different themes! You can see his excitement in the pictures. Praise God he likes to create with the colors. Isn't it fun seeing their talents emerge?!!!

Mama Brightowl said...

You throw the best parties. I love the idea of a crayon party for a budding artist! I think my favorite posts of yours are the birthday parties! Happy Birthday to Wesley.