Monday, April 8, 2013

Mary Ann

Mary Ann ...her silly side:)
 Our baby is 23 months today, hard to believe that next month we will be celebrating Mary Ann's second birthday. I have lots of thoughts floating around in my head for her big day!

Mary Ann...the snuggly cozy side, and she's oh so loving!

Mary Ann is a morning person, she starts her day off talking and doesn't slow down. The first thing Mary Ann likes to do in the morning is have her hair fixed, and ask for her "Bow Bow" before she has a diaper change or eats breakfast. To be such a rounder she is all girl! Mary Ann likes to be silly, make faces, and she is loud. She loves to be read to, and to color.... and on occasion eats the crayons :0  Mary Ann has a thing for her feet, she loves shoes, mainly boots. Yet, if she doesn't have on shoes, she wants her socks off too, that way she can see her painted I said such a girl! When someone is getting ready to leave the house namely her Daddy, Mary Ann is ready and willing to go along. She likes car rides and to be out and about.

There is the other side of Mary Ann, the calm laid back side. She like to be rocked, snuggled, and sang to. She enjoys nap time and bed time, and willingly comes ready for some down time. I think this has something to do with what you see in the picture above, her comfy cozy items....the ones that she very attached to. The first is her pink blanket (well, kind of pink, it's now lost it's rich pink color from so many washings) and her multi color blanket made by our friend Laura....these 2 blankets are a must in bed at all times, and if not feeling well, or you know, just to carry around for comfort. The 3 kitties are her bestest buddies, the 2 above her head sleep on either side of her at night. The kitty in her hands is named Candy Cat, this was originally Ruth Ella's Ruth Ella has a love for cats too. Anyway, Mary Ann months ago took up with Candy Cat, as if it were her own. One afternoon I ask Ruth Ella if Mary Ann could nap with Candy Cat, to which she replied "sure Mama, and Mary Ann can have her since she loves her"....sister love, so sweet. Candy Cat is indeed loved and goes everywhere with us, even to church. 

23 months gone, now we are looking forward to the months and years ahead with our little love, Miss Mary Ann :)


jojo said...

she has grown up so quick

Theresa said...

You are only FORTY ONE! I just turned 45. I guess because the girls are older I thought you were too. LOL. Everyone is roughly the same age as me anyway. I usually round up or round down. Lucky you! You look great. What is the due date?