Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Resurrection Tree

Last week we did a wee bit of crafting, with many hands helping. It was time to bring our family room tree into the spring season.

The kids painted crosses and stick people on this craft night.

Paint makes any project fun and messy...


I like to keep a wide variety of art and craft supplies on hand. For this craft I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for wooden crosses that were 50% off, you got to love Hobby Lobby weekly sales :)

 The kids painted the crosses front, back, and sides. The next day when they were dry we put coordinating colored string in the wholes to hang them...then it was time to decorate the tree.

This is our Resurrection Tree.


victoria said...

Great tree and Hobby Lobby is a wonderful place to get supplies. I was over this afternoon purchasing some crafts to decorate our outside tree for spring.
Hope you are all well.


The Mayo Family said...

Blessings prayers~

Lisa said...

Just beautiful! Lisa