Thursday, May 30, 2013

Amanda & Joe's Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was a great deal of fun to put together.
We only had one thing that made planning and pulling off the reception a tad bit difficult...
the wedding and reception were 2 hours away from our home!
This meant we had to do some extra planning ahead for how to decorate, transport, and get us all there ready to go for the wedding day! I have to admit I lost some sleep on this one,
now looking back it was silly, as it all came together beautifully...
Praising our Lord for that and thankful for the many who were praying!

 We arrived to set up the reception 2 hours before
the wedding, the children knew what needed to be done
and many hands make light work.
In my head I had envisioned the tables, room, and food....
well, it turned out much better than I could have ever imagined.
Here is what the reception looked like after we finished.

~The Welcome Table~

This basket held the wedding favors,
Hershey Bars decorated in the wedding colors.

Also on the table were pictures of Joe and Amanda, a basket with packets of wedding coloring book & know for all the little guest,
 a basket of bubbles were to the far right, along with the bouquet that was to be thrown :)

~Left side of the room~

Each of the tables were decorated very simply,
a candle on a heart pedestal, owl salt & pepper shakers, flowers, and a bird house... 
The bird houses our family crafted/decorated  each one different, with the same paper as the
Hershey Bar wedding favors were made from.

~The Beverage Station~

For a cold beverage we served water with a hint of lemon/lime flavor
 or yummy sweet lemonade!

And what event would be complete without coffee?!?
We brought our Keurig....
 which gave everyone a fresh cup of coffee and choice of  flavor :)

Amanda is an owl lover, so we tried to incorporate that into the reception...
this pretty owl was borrowed from her Papaw and Nana.
It was on the end of the buffet line, next to the cake.

~The Buffet Line~

The food was also simple as we sought to make and take items that would travel easily.
We made mini wooden chalk boards to go in front of all the beverages, foods, and candy.

We served...
*Chicken Salad on Croissants
* Pepper Jack Cheese
 *Colby/Sharp Cheese
* 4 Varieties of  Crackers
* Our Homemade Trail Mix of Nuts

*Fruit Salad
*Veggie Tray
*Ranch Dip *Spicy Texas Dip
We also had almond cookies, that were pictured above in the first
buffet line picture.

~The Candy Bar~

There were plenty of sweets to go around,
and something for every ones liking :)
I'll try to name them all.....
*Lemon Drops
*Butterscotch Candies
*Lemon & Lime Skittles
*Sour Green Apple Sticks
*Lemon Sticks
*Andes Mints
*Green Apple Twizzlers
* Mint M&M's
*Large Suckers
Next wedding post I'll share pictures of the cake and reception,
with people in it :)


Cinnamon said...

Oh my! I think I have sugar overload from just reading this!!! That is A LOT of candy. It was so pretty too. I love how you made the candy match her wedding colors. Very creative:-)

Everything did turn out beautifully and your chalk boards are so adorable. What a great idea.

I am saving all these creative ideas for future weddings. Because like you, we'll be having lots of them :-)


Lynda said...

It's okay you lost a little sleep. I know I did the night before - - kept having these dreams about things not going as planned. No matter how prepared we are and prayed up, our sub-conscious does this to us because we're dealing with a very big transition in life.
You all did a fantastic job. That was a LOT of food, decoration, and dishes to transport! I am very, very impressed with your catering abilities! Thank you again for letting us share this beautiful day with you. "Rejoice with those who rejoice!" Romans 12:15a

The Mayo Family said... simply beautiful!
We are just so happy for all of you!
The colors were beautiful...
yellow is one of my favorites...
so I think that the
wedding was extra gorgeous! :D
Can't wait to see more pictures and hear all about it!
Maggie for the Mayo family

Neva Dele said...

Wow! That is gorgeous. I'm so glad y'all were blessed and able to enjoy everything! :)