Friday, May 3, 2013

Family Wedding Shower

~Special Moments To Remember~

Saturday, April 20
Amanda was honored with a beautiful wedding shower.

Karen, Amanda, Markietta

The shower was hosted by her Aunt Karen (Arthur's sister)
and Markietta (Arthur's sister-in-law).
The shower was held at the Bald Headed Bistro,
the atmosphere was like being at a lodge
 with the perks of being pampered:)

The food was delicious!

We played a couple of games,
that challenged us to "think wedding".

Mary Ann and Ruth Ella
the youngest ladies attending were all smiles,
as they experienced attending their first shower
and eating....
Silver Chocolate Wedding Ring Sets ~sugar~ Yum!

Amanda & Cousin Christina
This was a intimate family shower,
it gave us time to fellowship and love on Amanda.

We enjoyed serious moments when Amanda opened her gifts,
and we had some entertaining moments that had us laughing.
~Love, Joy, Laughter~


Cinnamon said...

I love it! What yummy food. I am sure you are soaking up every moment with Amanda.

She absolutely glows, just like her Mama.


Nicole Pelkey said...

Looks like a beautiful and special shower!! She's so blessed. You're so blessed!! Its going to be a beautiful wedding :)

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

So pretty!
We miss you all the best in the next few days, God's richest bleesings on you all! We would love to be there!

Kelly said...

Oh what fun... so glad y'all got that special time together... and Amanda looks so beautiful :)

Nikki said...

Such beautiful memories you all are making. Looks like a precious time with your loved ones. Love all the colors...:) Amanda is beautiful!

Far Above Rubies said...

How lovely. You are so blessed, friend. Congratulations on baby number 12.

I always appreciate your comments on my blog.

God bless.


Lynda said...

Celebration and transition - - - we had a wonderful time when our Amanda got married, too. Thank you for sharing this joyous time with us!

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Amanda is radiant. She looks great in yellow.

I'm sorry about the sickness. I'm praying for quick healing dear friend.

Love you lots,

The Mayo Family said... absolutely beautiful! Many blessing to you all!! Love and hugs! Jessica

Stephanie said...

Looks wonderful!! I always enjoy seeing the parties you all throw! Are the chocolate rings dusted with silver? I'd love to know how you made those - what a great treat/favor idea for a shower and I'm always looking for ways to do those types of things myself - so much cheaper!!

Congrats to Amanda on her wedding to Joe! They look very happy and like such great friends. And it's coming up so soon!!!!! Exciting. :)

Is that an engagement ring on Elizabeth's finger? Perhaps your family will be having a FEW exciting & life-changing events in 2013? :)

Abundantly Blessed said...

Exciting times!!! Thank you for sharing with us. I love all the brightness of the yellows! So cheerful.


The Munck Family said...


I'm not sure how the chocolates were made, as we didn't give the shower. I do know they weren't dusted but silver all the way through with a bit of shine...and oh so pretty.

As far as this year being an exciting year with a few changes you are right, but not with another wedding. Neither Elizabeth or Rebekah courting/dating anyone, so not enough time to do that and marry all in this year. The ring Elizabeth is wearing was a birthday present, it's her birthstone aquamarine and diamonds.
Thanks for visiting our blog.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the details on the chocolates - I'll have to look those up.

What a lovely birthday present for Elizabeth!

Have a wonderful week.

Michelle, a heart at home said...

Everything was just beautiful~Amanda is going to be a lovely bride.

victoria said...

What a blessed time this is for you all. Amanda looks so happy. Praying for you all.


Sally said...

Beautiful photos - Amanda looks so happy; she is positively glowing. Love the one of her opening that gift!

Blessings to her on this new chapter of her life.


© Annie W.-T. said...

Love the color yellow.

Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of your daughter.

Wow, the cake is beautiful.