Monday, May 13, 2013

Mary Ann's...Tu-Tu Cute Birthday

Wednesday, May 8th
Mary Ann turned 2!!!!!

For Mary Ann's birthday the color was a no-brainer,
 we hear all day about her 2 favorite colors
Pink & Purple!

Sparkly, frilly, and all things "girl" would describe Mary Ann,
so her birthday theme had to match :)
Mary Ann's birthday theme was
~2-TU Cute Birthday~

 Mary Ann as she makes her grand entrance
into her birthday party!
We have several family birthday traditions,
one is the theme is kept as a surprise,
 another is the birthday person has to enter the kitchen 
while everyone is lined up singing Happy Birthday....
this is when the theme is unveiled  :) 

Mary Ann taking a peek at the gifts.....

She was so funny to watch....

This was her big day!!!!!

On the menu:
Breakfast for dinner...
*Scrabbled Eggs
*Bran Muffins
*Banana Bread
*Fruit Salad
*Orange Juice & Cranberry Juice
*Mini Marshmallows
*Chocolate Chip Morsels
(Mary Ann's Favorites)
We had a large strawberry cupcake with cream cheese icing,
and homemade strawberry smoothies...
some of us just opted for the smoothie :) 
 Miss Mary Ann

 Totally Fun!!!!

 This is the moment Mary Ann had been waiting for, candles!
For several weeks Elizabeth had practiced with Mary Ann on blowing out a candle, this was the big day!
Mary Ann enjoyed the candles so much
 we decided to light them again,
 just so she could blow them out ;)

Happy Birthday
Miss Mary Ann
You truly are 2-TU Cute,
We love you so very much sweet girl!!!!!


Momma Bug said...

It looks like her party was a success! :-)

Thinking of you friend, during all these changes. Know I'm thinking of you often and just thanking the Lord for you!

Hugs from afar,

His Way Services said...

Aaawww. How sweet. I like it. So cute.
Happy birthday, Mary Ann. God bless you and keep you.

Rebecca K.

victoria said...

Another absolutely adorable party for a very, very adorable little girl. What rich memories you are giving your children.


Michelle, a heart at home said...

Such darling decorations--what little girl wouldn't be tickled pink with that? :-)
Happy Birthday Miss Mary Ann!