Sunday, June 30, 2013

A summer treat...

 Yesterday was sunny ~HOT~ and beautiful outside,
it was time to break out the Iccee machine for a cold treat....
And a day to make some memories!
A little ice and some homemade lemonade
and we were ready to go...

James was the Iccee Man,
in a matter of minutes he had a line forming of eager littles ;)

~Ah' cold and refreshing~

It doesn't take much to bring a smile to children's faces...

All they want is just your time and attention....

And a little summer treat ;)

After eating "several cups" of cold Iccee
I had a couple who had chattering mouths and were frozen...
They decided to thaw out by laying on the warm concrete.
~The view from my lounge chair~
I'm not sure who had a better day yesterday
 the children or the Mama.
As the children played in the pool, basked in the sun,
danced around to songs playing from a CD,
and gobbled down their Iccee....
I sat playing lifeguard, judge of the singing and dancing,
chief overseer, and most importantly the Mama.
I believe we all soaked in more memories than sun yesterday,
for me that was the biggest treat ever!
Time moves to quickly, take some time to soak in your kiddos ;)


Cinnamon said...

Oh I love the view of you :-) Sooo cute!!

I think that your kids need some company don't you? We like icees :-)

praying for you and that sweet bundle!


Lynda said...

I love the pic of the new baby!!!
Warm concrete - - - so glad it has been around for years because we used to do the same thing when the pool water was soooo cold in the morning when we took swimming lessons.
Loving every moment of your children is so true. God gives them to us and we love them with much of our heart. It seems forever some days when they are growing but then all of a sudden, they are wonderful successful young adults - - and gone from our daily routine. We still love them with much of our heart but our heart is bruised because there was a hole left when they moved out. Praise God when they are still our friends - - and best friends.

Laura said...

Love the belly picture! Wonderful pictures, as always. :)