Saturday, June 22, 2013

Drafts coming....

"My fingers have been busy banging the keyboard"

When I posted about being jumbled I commented that I have many post in draft form just....
I have looked over the post, several I still really want to post, a few I would like to post for memory sake for our children, and a couple that well, I'm still praying about posting. I have post in drafts from just a few weeks, months, and a couple from as far back as 2 years!
I have set myself a goal to have all of these posted and out of drafts, or just deleted before Baby M arrives...that means I have 7 weeks from yesterday, yes, I'm now 33 weeks along! Wow, the time is flying by so quickly. I better go get busy, to complete my goal;)
I will continue to post our current happenings as well.
When I post something from drafts, I'll let you know and give you a time frame from which it was taken.

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