Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21, 2013

Summer we are thrilled you are officially here...
we look forward to days of....
sunshine, fellowships, swimming, watermelon, campfires, s'mores,
walks, being barefoot, the smell of sunscreen,
 homemade ice cream,
fishing, picking blackberries, grilling hamburgers,
lightning bugs, the smell of fresh cut grass,
and the taste of fresh veggies straight from the garden......
Oh, yes, summer we look forward to enjoying your stay and making some memories while you are here :) 
~Blessings to you all this summer~


The Mayo Family said...

Yes, we are so happy to be welcoming summer to our home too! :)
Maggie for our family

Cinnamon said...

1st day of summer! Let's celebrate with a bbq TOGETHER :-)



Cindy said...

Love this! Summer is a wonderful time of year!

Lynda said...

Your thoughts on summer were once mine when I was younger. Now the heat zaps us - - I have to watch sun exposure, etc. etc. My favorite seasons are fall and spring followed by winter!