Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A rainy 4th of July

We had the rainiest July 4th I can ever remember...humid, wet, and gloomy!
So, we altered our original plans and celebrated a bit differently this year.
Rain or shine our home was decorated for the holiday :)
What's the 4th without a flag?
Our 4th of July Tree

There wasn't any swimming on the 4th, but there were still goodies to be eaten

We went for an afternoon ride to the farm, shopping, and out to eat for lunch.
Back at home that afternoon...
It was to wet for games outdoors, so we had a few indoors and watched a video.

Our dinner menu was changed, but we still had barbecued chicken....
thanks to Arthur and Madison who didn't let the weather keep them from grilling.
Fireworks didn't happen this year either,
it was truly an odd 4th of July....
Yet, it didn't change the fact of what we were celebrating...
You know celebrating and memories can be made rain or shine;)


Lynda said...

Are those white chocolate covered strawberries? Those are a celebration in themselves!!! They make me smile as much as looking at fireworks! We watched the celebration in our nation's capitol on PBS. The patriotic music by the bands at the end combined with the fireworks was spectacular.

Cinnamon said...

As always your decorations are perfect :-)

We had a rained out 4th a few yrs ago. It *is* strange.

Rain or shine I still miss ya!
Praying for baby "m" and hoping this year works out for us to visit you!!


Nikki said...

You make the most amazing treats. :) They looked so good. Salinn and I both read your blog and Salinn was telling me how impressive your foods are and how hungry it makes her! Oh and if you ever want to move next door I will gladly turn over my pie crust making to you!:) I read every post but have become a terrible commenter.
I have been praying for you and baby M. Can't wait to hear who he or she is. :) I have been shopping for a she but time will tell. I will gladly shop for a he if needed though. Thinking of you everyday. Hoping you do a pregnant mama picture again soon. LOVE those!