Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our big girl....

Mary Ann is the baby of the family,
and has thoroughly enjoyed her title.
After Amanda's wedding in May,
Miss Mary Ann said good-bye to her crib....
And graduated into a 'Big Girl Bed',
leaving Mama and Daddy's room behind.
Once she was situated in the 'big girl' room
she quickly started to act like our...
"Little Big Girl"
~Mary Ann's Bed~
Mary Ann has had a true love for baby dolls since she could hold them, 
and can often be found tending to her babies needs .....
Or trying to take over Ruth Ella's doll Baby Angel, claiming it as her own.
~We are working on that~
I love to watch her play and interact with her babies,
she is very loving to them.

A week or two ago we came in to find Mary Ann hadn't gone right to sleep,
she had first played with her babies....
Then fallen fast asleep surrounded my her loves:)
I look forward to Mary Ann becoming a 'big sister',
it seems as of late she had had lots of hands on training.....
and the title will fit her well :)


Carolyn said...

Beautiful family picture! God bless you and yours~


Nikki said...

LOVE your header picture. Mary Ann is going to be a wonderful BIG sister. She is SOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!
I think her bedding is beautiful.

Nicole Pelkey said...

What a big girl :) She will seem so big and so grown up once Baby M makes his/her arrival!!

♥LOVE the new family picture. Its beautiful and you looks so wonderful. Hope you're feeling well!


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh I love it. I just love baby girls! She's so adorable.

Lots of love sweet friend,

Kay said...

She is sooo cute!!
I love the pictures:)


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Such a cutie!! She looks like she is ready to be a big sister! I can't beleive that your little one will be there soon, so exciting!! All the best!
PS I really like the new family picture, miss you guys lots!!