Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The turbo twist....

There is something about being a girl,
that one "must" learn how to turbo twist their towel....
I'm pretty sure that it's an unwritten rule ;)
It takes practice, time, and a bit of skill to keep it twisted sitting atop of ones head.

OOPS, it seems we had a side slide......
Not to worry Mary Ann, in no time you'll have it down pat just like your sisters :)

Girls, aren't they fun?!?!


Cinnamon said...

Yes they are fun. I think there are many unspoken things us girlies must learn.

Makes life interesting :-)

Loving all the posts!

p.s sending a long letter off tomorrow :-)

Amy Joy said...

How sweet! It is indeed a technique that all women must master:)

Nikki said...

That is adorable!!