Monday, August 26, 2013

Working as a family....

 In the summer our family business is busy with pups needing summertime grooms, doggies attending daycare for a bit of playtime to burn off some energy on those long summer days, and vacation time boarders who spend their time with us while their owners are away.
So, how does our family spend their summer?
We spend it together working alongside one another, taking care of doggies:)
Here are a few pictures from this summer....
When you walk in our lobby you might see one of these faces behind the desk, if they aren't grooming......

Or you could be greeted by this crew sitting on the bench in the lobby, they are in Doggie Training 101...
and look they have learned to sit and stay ;)

In the middle of summer there's now lack of dogs, outside play, heat, and water fun.
We have the joy of caring for dogs BIG and small.
As much fun as we have with the dogs
 there's lots to keep clean and sanitized!

In Doggie Training 101 your first task is to learn proper petting
 and doggie supervision.

This year William and Jonathan have been our official .....

Stainless steel bowl washers and water bottle cleaners,
 they have done a fantastic job.

The smudges on the windows aren't always from doggie noses,
as we have one little who enjoys watching the traffic....

Days in Doggie Training 101 can be tiresome,
a bit of coloring and a video are sometimes needed :)

~A snip snip here, and snip snip there~

A bit of teaching and a little learning...
how to dry a doggie:)
We love working together and the feel of accomplishment
we have at the end of the day from team work.
In the summer and on holidays our days can be long,
 the blessing is that when we are all together it makes the
day go much faster.
We school year round and we have found schooling at the store to
be easy. Not only do our children learn from their text books,
but they learn a whole host of other skills....
hands on skills in a working classroom.
They learn book keeping, communication skills, scheduling,
ethics, marketing, responsibility, grooming,
and basic animal care.
One of the biggest things they are learning
to do is work with the public.
We have clients from all walks of life and backgrounds,
our children get to interact with people all day long....
they are getting to see a glimpse of the real world.
This interaction is helping shape them into who the Lord wants them to be....
It is our hope that when people step foot into the lobby they feel welcome,
and when they leave they feel uplifted or encouraged.
Great Doggie Doos isn't our business,
it belongs to the Lord...
Thankfully He allows us each day to work for Him
as we serve others and their pups. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meeting Siblings & Coming Home

On Thursday less than 24 hours after Susanna was born
 it was time for her the siblings to meet her!
Susanna was ready and waiting...

They all crowded into the little room, and gathered around to see their sister....
 I was anxious to introduce Susanna to her siblings.
Once they entered the room it quickly filled with chatter and noise,
there were lots of questions and everyone wanting a turn to hold Susanna.

Mary Ann was fascinated by the "live" baby doll......

Susanna was smothered in 2 year old sister kisses!

This is how Mary Ann pronounces Susanna...
Sus Anda,
so cute!
Ruth Ella and Mary Ann were baby hogs!
This is how Ruth Ella pronounces Susanna
 Zoo Zanda...
love it!

Friday morning Arthur/Daddy came to take Susanna and I home,
and boy were we ready!

Susanna was ready to put on some street clothes and break free from the hospital bassinet.

I'm dressed and ready Daddy...

We're all completely smitten with Susanna.
Tiny toes....
~I'm thoroughly enjoying the babymoon~

Buckled in her car seat, and ready to venture out into the real world....
Welcome home Susanna!!!!!!
Our theme tree decorated for
Miss Susanna Grace
There's no place like home :)

Saturday we had a special treat.....
Amanda and Joe came to town for the weekend and to meet their little sister.
It was wonderful to have ALL our children in our home if only for a couple of days.
Lord willing Amanda and Joe will be traveling back this weekend 
for more fellowship, fun, and memory making.
We praise the Lord for blessing our family with Susanna,
and the gift of allowing us to parent 12 of His children....
we are unworthy of such a blessings!
It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
And to sing praises to Your name, O Most High
Psalm  92:1

Monday, August 19, 2013

A sweet awakening...

            Ah...Life is Good!!!!

20 Today!!!

Happy Birthday
20 years ago today you entered this world,
what a gift you were and are to our family....

We love you so much,
and pray you have a fantastic birthday!
Many hugs and kisses from
Daddy, Mama, and your 11 siblings♥ 
See you this weekend :)    

Friday, August 16, 2013

The day we welcomed Susanna...

Susanna Grace Munck
Born: August 7, 2013
Weight: 6.8 oz
Length: 20 1/2 in.

Susanna's birth was fast and my easiest labor.....

We arrived at the hospital and
 in less than 2 hours Susanna was in our arms!
The gift of another daughter, we were so excited and surprised.....
waiting to find out the gender at birth is so much fun!

Foot prints...
each unique and handcrafted by the Lord.

My friend and midwife Linda,
she has always been such a wonderful support
 for me and my family,
praying for me/us and encouraging me.
Since it was late most the children were asleep
 so only a few came to visit after Susanna's arrival.
Elizabeth, Rebekah, Madison, and Ruth Ella who couldn't sleep until she saw that baby!
Ruth Ella just knew that Baby M was going to be a sister!
The girls took off Ruth Ella's jammies, dressed her pulled her hair back and off they all 4 came to meet their newest sibling :)

I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight...

Each child special, each child loved, each child filled the gap in our family where something was missing....them!
~more pictures to come and story to come~

Monday, August 12, 2013

Thoughts Journal winner....

The winner is .....
I hope you enjoy the journal
and many thoughts are recorded in it for you :)
Please, send me your new address,
and I'll get this in the mail to you.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Introducing "Baby M".....

Our precious daughter
~more details to come~

Monday, August 5, 2013

What is Baby M???

With great excitement and anticipation here at the Munck house we are all trying to guess what Baby M is. We all have our opinions about Baby M, some feel strongly boy and others girl. And we have a couple of littles that have their little minds set on the which their Mama continues to explain it may not be what they want :) Either way boy or girl Baby M will be loved to pieces!
We are taking a poll, do you think Baby M is a ......
Cast your vote, the poll is on our side bar....
Only 4 more days until Baby M is due!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Penny for your thoughts....Giveaway!

 As the old saying goes....
A penny for your thoughts?!?
 Old phrase that means: What are you thinking? Technically it means: I'll give you a penny if you tell me what you are thinking.
As a child I can remember my mother saying this to me often,
 that saying stuck as did asking others about their thoughts.
My dear husband gets ask OFTEN...
What are you thinking????
This is due in part to  me wanting to know what's going on in his head.
Arthur is a deep thinker and seems to always have a million things whirling around in his mind. He is very kind to stop and tell me his thoughts, and I love to hear them.
I didn't realize until the other day how often I must ask Arthur and my children
what they are thinking.....
Sitting at the table one morning Ruth Ella looked over at me and said
"Mama, what are you thinking about"?!?
It seems as of late I'm thinking a LOT,
 and capturing those thoughts on paper helps me to think.
So, what are you thinking???
We are giving away a journal with the words thoughts written on the front,
along with 2 pens a pink and purple to make your thoughts look pretty :)
How to Enter the Giveaway:
~The rules are simple, you can enter 2 times~
1-Leave a comment with your name
2- Blog about this giveaway and let us know you did :)

This giveaway will close Sunday, August 11

Friday, August 2, 2013

Times Ticking....

39 Weeks Today.....
with only...
7 Days
Until Baby "M" is due.....
But who's counting???