Monday, August 26, 2013

Working as a family....

 In the summer our family business is busy with pups needing summertime grooms, doggies attending daycare for a bit of playtime to burn off some energy on those long summer days, and vacation time boarders who spend their time with us while their owners are away.
So, how does our family spend their summer?
We spend it together working alongside one another, taking care of doggies:)
Here are a few pictures from this summer....
When you walk in our lobby you might see one of these faces behind the desk, if they aren't grooming......

Or you could be greeted by this crew sitting on the bench in the lobby, they are in Doggie Training 101...
and look they have learned to sit and stay ;)

In the middle of summer there's now lack of dogs, outside play, heat, and water fun.
We have the joy of caring for dogs BIG and small.
As much fun as we have with the dogs
 there's lots to keep clean and sanitized!

In Doggie Training 101 your first task is to learn proper petting
 and doggie supervision.

This year William and Jonathan have been our official .....

Stainless steel bowl washers and water bottle cleaners,
 they have done a fantastic job.

The smudges on the windows aren't always from doggie noses,
as we have one little who enjoys watching the traffic....

Days in Doggie Training 101 can be tiresome,
a bit of coloring and a video are sometimes needed :)

~A snip snip here, and snip snip there~

A bit of teaching and a little learning...
how to dry a doggie:)
We love working together and the feel of accomplishment
we have at the end of the day from team work.
In the summer and on holidays our days can be long,
 the blessing is that when we are all together it makes the
day go much faster.
We school year round and we have found schooling at the store to
be easy. Not only do our children learn from their text books,
but they learn a whole host of other skills....
hands on skills in a working classroom.
They learn book keeping, communication skills, scheduling,
ethics, marketing, responsibility, grooming,
and basic animal care.
One of the biggest things they are learning
to do is work with the public.
We have clients from all walks of life and backgrounds,
our children get to interact with people all day long....
they are getting to see a glimpse of the real world.
This interaction is helping shape them into who the Lord wants them to be....
It is our hope that when people step foot into the lobby they feel welcome,
and when they leave they feel uplifted or encouraged.
Great Doggie Doos isn't our business,
it belongs to the Lord...
Thankfully He allows us each day to work for Him
as we serve others and their pups. 


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

I love seeing your family in action. Your family run business is indeed a blessing from The Lord.

Thank you for your input regarding the food budget. I'm super impressed with your budget. If time ever allows I would to love to hear greater details.

I love you sweet friend!

Stephanie said...

Love the post! As a dog-lover and mommy to two fur-babies, I SO appreciate groomers who take time and attention with my dogs. It makes me feel good to know that they are cared for - and you all obviously love your clients!

I will say that it would make me a bit uncomfortable to have my dogs around many small children that they are unfamiliar with. I would feel HORRIBLE if my dog nipped a child and I do expect any groomer or vet to let me know how my pets behave when out of my direct care. How do you handle this and do you disclose to all clients that their dogs may be around children?

The Munck Family said...


We have owned and operated a grooming business since 1991, here in our town. Our children have grown up around dogs from birth. Our clients are very familiar with our entire family and know we have small children. In turn we are very familiar with our clients sweet pups and we know what pups like children and ones that don't. Our littles are never left unsupervised, for the dogs safety as well as our children's.

This is a family business and we try to treat our clients and their dogs as family...our family. For this reason people feel comfortable leaving their dog in our care.

The Pauls' Family said...

Hi Aunt Laura!
I really enjoyed seeing pictures of everyone!! It brings back a lot of GOOD memories ;)
Love you and Miss you LOTS!!!
Love, KerKer

Nikki said...

Your business looks like so much fun. Yes being together would make it the best!!! Thanks for sharing.:)

Megan said...

Love this post! :)

Cinnamon said...

I love your whole family. I'd love to send out little doggie over to you. She needs a good trimming :-)

Do you think John would mind if I drove our doggie all the way over for a trim? haha!

Miss you!!


Deb said...

This is one of my favorite posts because I've wanted to know about your doggie business. Loved seeing Arthur in action and what all the children do to help. How fun! Thank you for letting us in on your typical business day!

1HappyWife said...

Thank you for sharing!!! I just loved reading this post :) ... okay, I love most of your posts :) ....but I LOVED seeing the family working together and peeking into your doggy day care. What a great family business!

good_to_be_home said...

What a lovely business you have there with so many special helpers.

Cindy said...

My sister had a dog grooming business for many years and you're right, it's hard work! I think my kids learned the most when we were home schooling. So many teaching opportunities.

Sarah Speer said...