Monday, October 14, 2013

Day by day....

We moved 3 weeks and 1 day ago, so hard to believe we have been living at the farm that long. The move went smoothly and as of last week I feel we are mostly settled in with all of our necessities unboxed.
I was thinking about all we have going on in our lives here at the farm, store, and life in general. In some areas we are in unchartered waters, in other areas we seem to flowing through life as normal. Most would say we are just in another season of life, yet, I'm beginning to think we can't really call this a it's day to day living, no day like another making the changes much to fast to be called a season.
I look at it like we are in a large book, we just seem to be jumping from chapter to chapter....each day on a new page! Life is full, interesting, and it's keeping us busy, we are learning much. In the mix of all the learning, we are growing, gaining knowledge about life, each other , and what the Lord would want of us. It seems the simplicity of our lives at this time has us all evaluating who we are individually and as a family, I'm looking forward to seeing what the next few chapters in life reveal :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello Everyone!

It's me, Susanna! I heard my Mama say that today I'm 8 weeks old, really, I am....whatever that means?!? I also overheard my Mama say she loves me to pieces and that I'm her little treasure. She says out of all 12 of her children I'm the best baby 'ever', I'm pretty proud of that. Let me let you in on my secret.... it's all about not being fussy and sleeping through the night by the time your 6 weeks old! Yep, that's my secret:) It also helps to give cute smiles and enjoy is good!
Mama said she needs to blog about me cause she has lots to share and bunches of pictures. There is only one problem, Mama said we don't have internet at the farm :( So, until we do blogging has to be done from her phone, like I'm doing now. She can also blog from our store but time doesn't always permit Mama to blog at the store.
It's getting late, I better get to bed. Good night to each of you....and be on the lookout for blog post from Mama :)