Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello Everyone!

It's me, Susanna! I heard my Mama say that today I'm 8 weeks old, really, I am....whatever that means?!? I also overheard my Mama say she loves me to pieces and that I'm her little treasure. She says out of all 12 of her children I'm the best baby 'ever', I'm pretty proud of that. Let me let you in on my secret.... it's all about not being fussy and sleeping through the night by the time your 6 weeks old! Yep, that's my secret:) It also helps to give cute smiles and enjoy is good!
Mama said she needs to blog about me cause she has lots to share and bunches of pictures. There is only one problem, Mama said we don't have internet at the farm :( So, until we do blogging has to be done from her phone, like I'm doing now. She can also blog from our store but time doesn't always permit Mama to blog at the store.
It's getting late, I better get to bed. Good night to each of you....and be on the lookout for blog post from Mama :)


victoria said...

Well little Susanna, you're one of the cutest babies too. Hope you, your mama and the rest of your family are enjoying life at the farm.



Anonymous said...

Oh little Susanna. You are so sweet to be so nice to your mama, Those cuddles and sleep are the best!!! Can't wait to hear from your mama. We have missed you all.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

precious...and who needs internet at a farm anyway!!! Enjoy...

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

You're such a precious little girl. Maybe you could talk to Eva and tell her how good it feels to get some good rest and that' it's a rotten idea to avoid naps and wake up every 3 hours at night and decide the day starts at 5am! I can't wait to meet you!

Cinnamon said...

Those blue eyes...precious!!

Susanna - you are so loved ♥

~Miss Cinnamon

p.s. give you Mama a big {hug} from me and tell her I miss her :-)

1HappyWife said...

Dear Susanna,
We are trying to be so patient BUT we do miss catching up with all of you. It is understandable that you are VERY busy!!!! So we will continue to TRY to be patient and keep praying for you all.
Keep giving those cute smiles as during these busy times they are needed even more :).
My husband always says that babies just get better and better :)...I can only imagine by the 12th they are really sweet! So far that is true ... our littlest girl was an absolute bundle of joy!!!
The A Family

Theresa said...

She is growing up too fast :(

Theresa said...

Too fast! She is growing too fast. I know that this was 2 months ago!!!