Saturday, November 2, 2013

November... Day 2

Today on my list of being thankful is.....
I love that we have the freedom to teach and train our children. Our family loves history and I enjoy reading with my kiddos. Life is learning and each day life opens the door to numerous teachable moments, I'm thankful I can be there to help guide and teach my kiddos in those moments.


Cinnamon said...

History and Geography are not subjects we have to teach because we all enjoy them so much we are always discussing history or looking at the maps :-) That's the best way we learn.

Sipping some tea right now and thinking it would be better if you were here so we could visit :-)

Anonymous said...

I love when we can do much learning through books. This time of year a good book or books and a pile of children together too. It doesn't get better than that!

Humble wife said...

Love the Meet the series. I have them from my childhood and then I have added when I see a new one(used).