Sunday, June 30, 2013

A summer treat...

 Yesterday was sunny ~HOT~ and beautiful outside,
it was time to break out the Iccee machine for a cold treat....
And a day to make some memories!
A little ice and some homemade lemonade
and we were ready to go...

James was the Iccee Man,
in a matter of minutes he had a line forming of eager littles ;)

~Ah' cold and refreshing~

It doesn't take much to bring a smile to children's faces...

All they want is just your time and attention....

And a little summer treat ;)

After eating "several cups" of cold Iccee
I had a couple who had chattering mouths and were frozen...
They decided to thaw out by laying on the warm concrete.
~The view from my lounge chair~
I'm not sure who had a better day yesterday
 the children or the Mama.
As the children played in the pool, basked in the sun,
danced around to songs playing from a CD,
and gobbled down their Iccee....
I sat playing lifeguard, judge of the singing and dancing,
chief overseer, and most importantly the Mama.
I believe we all soaked in more memories than sun yesterday,
for me that was the biggest treat ever!
Time moves to quickly, take some time to soak in your kiddos ;)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Google Reader is going.....

On Monday Google reader will be gone!
I wanted to send out a friendly reminder to go and back up your reader while it's so simple,
there are several options available
I backed mine up in 2 locations,
I have been trying out both for the past few months,
and I'm not sure which one I really like the best....
as I'm a creature of habit so Google Reader is still my favorite :(
Feedly and Bloglovin make it a snap to import your Google reader.
 Choose whatever reader you would like but act quick, once Google reader is gone, you’ll have to enter your blogs manually and that doesn't sound like fun!
If, your not interested in new a reader but would still like to know when Munck's Quiver has
posted something new you can go to our sidebar and sign up to receive our post in your emails :) 
~Hope you all are having a sunny Saturday~

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Madison and James are brothers...
 Over the years they have had their ups and downs...
laughter, arguments, wrestling,
sharing a bedroom, picking on one another,
playing air soft, teaming up for chores,
playing pranks and the list goes on....
From these things their bond as brothers and respect for one another
 began to grow and flourish into something very special
What a blessing to see your children be "true" friends :)
Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.
John 15:13  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easy Crock-Pot Chicken & Dressing

Posted from March 2013 Drafts~

Our family really enjoys this meal, it's so easy to put together.  I took these pictures Easter morning as I prepared this for our lunch. I turned on the crock pot, went to church and when we arrived home lunch was ready. 


2-3 lbs  boneless chicken breast
2 eggs beaten
1 Tbsp sage
1 medium onion diced
1 family size (lg) Cream of Chicken soup
1 stick butter, melted
4 cups stuffing mix
1 cup chopped celery hearts

*In a bowl mix 2/3 of soup...set aside the rest for later
*Now combine eggs, butter, sage, onion, celery, and stuffing mix

If in a hurry you can use a ready made stuffing or....
You can make your own stuffing.
There is a gluten free option as well, 
 make your own seasoned cornbread dressing.

You can also use homemade cream of chicken soup.

*Spray your crock pot with a non-stick spray
*Put the remaining in the bottom of the crock pot
*Place your chicken on top of the soup
   (We have a large crock pot and can put in 5-6 chicken breast easily) 

*Top the chicken with dressing mixture
*Cook on low 5-7 hours
~A couple of tips~
Don't cook longer than 7 hours or it will dry out,
and don't use frozen chicken.

Pull off the lid and serve!
Yum....I can almost smell it now....

A view inside the crock pot, it's always still moist :)

Add a salad or a couple of side dishes and dinner is complete,
this recipe easily serves our family of 13.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It sure does taste better in the summer ;)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

How is Amanda?

Posted from Drafts~
~Amanda the day of the wedding, setting up the reception~

It seems that each day we are ask "So, how is Amanda doing"? Or the next most popular question "Do ya'll hear from Amanda"? The second question kind of makes me chuckle inside as I think--Well, why wouldn't we hear from Amanda, she is still our daughter?!
Amanda is doing very well, and loving being married. She is adjusting well to being a wife, living in a new home, town, attending a new church, and has been blessed to already make some really good friends. Yes, we hear from Amanda...there are 12 of us here in the Munck house, so daily or every other day someone is texting or chatting with her on the phone. On occasion we get letters from her, and we send her letters.... as we are a snail mail kind of family:)
Another question we have been ask is "Does Amanda have a blog"? At this time Amanda and Joe don't have Internet at their home, so blogging would be hard for her to do.
Thanks to all who have ask about Amanda and Joe and been praying for them, we'll give updates on them from time to time. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Drafts coming....

"My fingers have been busy banging the keyboard"

When I posted about being jumbled I commented that I have many post in draft form just....
I have looked over the post, several I still really want to post, a few I would like to post for memory sake for our children, and a couple that well, I'm still praying about posting. I have post in drafts from just a few weeks, months, and a couple from as far back as 2 years!
I have set myself a goal to have all of these posted and out of drafts, or just deleted before Baby M arrives...that means I have 7 weeks from yesterday, yes, I'm now 33 weeks along! Wow, the time is flying by so quickly. I better go get busy, to complete my goal;)
I will continue to post our current happenings as well.
When I post something from drafts, I'll let you know and give you a time frame from which it was taken.

Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21, 2013

Summer we are thrilled you are officially here...
we look forward to days of....
sunshine, fellowships, swimming, watermelon, campfires, s'mores,
walks, being barefoot, the smell of sunscreen,
 homemade ice cream,
fishing, picking blackberries, grilling hamburgers,
lightning bugs, the smell of fresh cut grass,
and the taste of fresh veggies straight from the garden......
Oh, yes, summer we look forward to enjoying your stay and making some memories while you are here :) 
~Blessings to you all this summer~

Thursday, June 20, 2013

~Father's Day Fun~

We started off our Father's Day celebration of Daddy/Arthur
 with a few gifts....
Later in the day came a steak dinner...

Then day was finished off with homemade ice cream....
(Arthur's gift)
But mixed in with the above was a day spent out by the pool,
for fun, sun, and relaxation :)


There was snorkeling and swimming........ 
Float Rides......




Water play with toys.......

We finished off a very full day with.....
Ice Cream!!!!

Father's Day 2013