Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Selling our home & Susanna's birth story

It is so hard to believe that we are moving! We have lived in this house for 21 years and 1 month, we purchased this house in August 1992.
Here is a bit of house history:
Over the years this house has been through a series of changes. When we purchased this house it was a 1,100 sq. ft. house with a carport. Our first change was to add on a 2 car garage...but not the garage that you see in the picture above, this garage came later.

 Our next addition came in 1997, when we added on our family room with fireplace, large bathroom, and 8x10 room....over the years the 8x10 room as been used as a multitude of things a closet, craft room, office, and Lego room, and more :)
When adding this addition on we also took out the old windows and door in our dining room, and replaced them with these 3 windows and a door. This area looks out to our pool.


This home was built in the early 1960's,
so it has undergone lots of face lifts while we have lived here.
In 2007/2008 we bumped out our garage, and then added on the girls bedroom and bathroom. While doing this we expanded our laundry room.
I have always been so thankful for a husband who can build and remodel...
Arthur has now taught (or in the process of teaching)
our children *girls and boys* to build, plumb, paint, wire, and repair things. 
Spring of 2009 we began a huge remodel on our kitchen and dining room,
they were 2 rooms. We pulled down a wall and opened the kitchen and dining area up,
we ripped up the floor and took the walls down to the studs....
it was a fun family project that was very rewarding in the end.
After all the additions over the years our house is now 2,900 sq. ft.
basically it grew as our family did :)
I could go on and on about all that we have done to this house from,
flooring, carpet, wall paper going up, to wall paper being torn down, new paint in rooms, and the list goes on.....
Most of these things I have tried to blog about over the years,
and you can find them with a search...
I had thought about linking lots of them but with packing, nursing Susanna,
and daily life, ummm no time for that ;)
The sell of our home:
May of 2012 we purchased a farm, and we began work to clean it up....
July 2012
We started working to tidy up the mess the farm was in, the more we worked the more we ALL began wanting to move to the farm and call it HOME!
In October of 2012 we began praying daily as a family that the Lord would
bring the perfect family to buy our house (once it was on the market).
 In early spring 2013 
a family approached Arthur and inquired if we would want to sell our home....
this was without our house even being on the market.
They came and toured our home 3 different times and ask us a host of questions to help
them with getting a loan worked out.
We had told them we weren't in a rush as we had Amanda's
wedding coming up so life was busy.
Once Amanda's wedding was behind us we thought it was time to contact the family,
the last we had talked to them they were just waiting on the wedding to be over.
Arthur contacted them, and they replied in an email that they had chosen not to purchase our home but the home they had been renting.
At the moment we were a little disappointed, yet, we knew the
Lord had the right family out there. This experience also prepared us for what was ahead if we
 were really wanting to sell our house.
Arthur said it was time to get our house ready to go on the market, because he knew summer was just around the corner and with a pool it's a good time to show our house.
We began to touch up paint, clean out closets, and get rid of any clutter.
We then called Arthur's brother and sister in law who own a Re/Max franchise in our town,
and told them we were ready to place our house on the market.
June 10, 2013
Our house officially hit the market, and life was about to get crazy!!!
It didn't take long before we were getting calls to show the house....
this meant our family needed to live with the mentality that someone could
be coming at any moment to look at our house....
not always an easy task with 12 people living daily life here.
We quickly established a good daily routine for cleaning up,
 with our entire family spending a vast majority of our
 time working at the store each day it helped keep our home clean.
We didn't just have to clean up, but we also had to be out of the house.
Most the time it worked  that we were at the store working.
At other times we would do our grocery shopping or errands.
The most difficult showing time was around dinner time....
So, as to not stress out the pregnant Mama, 
my sweet husband would treat us to dinner out.  
From June 10th to August 6th
our home was shown 32 times!!!!!
I believe we will all remember the summer of 2013 as a summer of house cleaning :)
Here is where Susanna's birth come in:
On the morning of August 7th,
our house was going to be shown again at 10:00 AM....
for the 33rd time
We woke up that morning knowing we only had a few things to tidy up before
the showing, because the house had just shown the night before.
I was a little slow that morning and not feeling the best as I had had contractions all
through the night. I began to make Ruth Ella's bed and decided I just needed to lay down a few minutes to rest. I couldn't rest long knowing we had to out of the house
in an hour or so. As I lay there I thought, well, this could be the day Baby M arrives....
up until that moment I had been thrilled our house was showing all 32 times,
even when they showed it on July 4th I didn't mind....
But today was different I just didn't feel myself and didn't care if it showed.
I told Arthur how I felt and he said we can cancel the showing,
 but I said "no let's just go ahead, it's clean"
We all went down to the store for the day, the schedule at the store was very full
that day so the morning moved quickly into afternoon.
Around 2PM I was feeling very tired like I needed to go lay down,
yet I knew there were still several dogs left to be groomed.
I talked with the girls about feeling the need to go home and get rest,
Rebekah said they could handle the rest of the day and suggested Elizabeth go home
 with me to care for the littles. Once home I changed clothes and took a nap.
I woke from my nap around 4:30 PM with an odd feeling, 
within minutes I knew that feeling well, it was hard contractions.....
I started to time them, they were coming every 8-10 minutes apart.
I continued to lay there for another hour timing contractions,
I heard Elizabeth in the kitchen and could smell the dinner she was cooking.
I got up to check on everyone and let them know that I thought that Baby M would be
arriving today.  I shared with Elizabeth that the contractions were hard and
picking up, she then called her Dad to tell him...
(he had been at the farm all day with a crew of workers) 
Arthur ask if I could talk with him, he had some news to share....
We had an offer on the house from the family who had been there that morning!
He then proceeded to tell me that we needed to meet our realtor to hear the offer,
and the sooner the better if we could.
I told him I felt Baby M was still going to be safe and snug inside for a bit longer,
and to go ahead and set up a time to hear the offer.
Minutes later Arthur called back to tell me that our realtor/Markietta
 would be coming to the house at 6:30 PM to bring the offer.....
(remember the realtor is our sister in law).
Markietta arrived and we went to the family room table to go over the offer,
 as we sat to talk with her the contractions continued to get stronger and faster.
We did a little number crunching, discussed a few things,
and then Arthur and I both agreed it was a good offer.
In the mix of all of this I would get up
 and walked around the room until the contraction would drift away.
We signed the papers, we were so excited!
I then stood up and told Arthur the contractions were getting much worse,
and I could tell things were really beginning to change.
He then ask me how close the contractions were coming,
an hour ago they were 6-7 minutes apart.
I told him I didn't want him to worry but they were now every 2-4 minutes.
Simultaneously Arthur and Markietta stood up and said
"oh you've got to get to the hospital"
I had my bag already packed, but I had a couple of last minute things I hoped to do.
I wanted to put up the baby bed, we had waited until the last minute because we wanted the house to look like a picture while being shown.
Madison and Rebekah had gotten it out of the attic and cleaned it up,
I just needed to put sheets on it.
Arthur said to let the girls do it, but I really wanted to...
So, I set out to put them on until,
 a SUPER HARD contraction hit,
I threw the sheets to the girls and told them to finish.
Arthur, the children, and I went to the living room and we had a prayer....
then out the door we went to the hospital.
I had called my sweet friend midwife Linda at home before we left,
thankfully she reached the hospital before we even arrived.
I was taken straight back and checked for dilation,
 I was excited to find out that I was already at 8cm...not far to go!
My labor was truly the easiest yet, and so very peaceful...thank you Lord,
my water broke when I reached 10cm, and few pushes later Miss Susanna was born!
We arrived at the hospital around 8:15 PM and Susanna arrived at 9:55 PM!


August 7, 2013 will forever be etched in our memories as a monumental day.....
We were beyond blessed with a precious treasure our daughter Susanna,
and our prayers were answered, sold our home!
Our lives have been very busy from the day Susanna was born. Our sweet baby girl wasn't just born into a large crazy family, but a family that was about to embark on unchartered waters....
Packing up 21 years of living and moving it all to our hobby farm!
We close on our house Monday, September 23
that same day the new owners will take possession of our home.
We have been moving things slowly to the farm over the past couple of weeks,
we pray to be moved out of here by the end of the week...
If, our family comes to mind we would welcome your prayers :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013



 Our house sold....
Life as we know it is about to change....
We are moving!!!!
The story of how/when it sold and Susanna's birth story next post :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Terrible or Teriffic Twos?!?!

Mary Ann is 2....
She is a chubby lovable little tot.....
She can talk your ears off, sing you a song, maybe even dance,
and definitely have you belly laughing....
Oh the terrific part of being 2 :)
But be careful, don't let that sweet smile fool you....

Most would say Mary Ann  also has the terrible side of 2....
Oh that nasty sin nature!
She often looks like an unmade bed,
as in the picture above dress hiked up chewing on it,
she added an extra hair piece a headband which was worn on her forehead. 
We must watch her close because she is fast,
 and you never know what she may want to 'help' with....
like painting the walls in crayon, or helping her sister by underlining scripture in her Bible and doodling in her journal, trying to calm Susanna by swinging her 'high', she likes to help with laundry by mixing the dirty items with the clean basket that just came out of the drier, she enjoys sorting her clothes from her shelves by laying them all in the floor to stay, and she has been known to get the toilet bowl brush and clean the toilet! 
Now being the Mama I have thought about the twos and
contemplated are they terrific or terrible? I would have to say even with all the added 'help' Mary Ann gives I still see the twos as terrific.  Yes, she gets herself into things, but it's nothing that can't be fixed. This is a time we have to focus on teaching Mary Ann what is 'real' helping and what is acceptable....
All it takes is time, attention, and  being persistent :)
Life is never dull, because Mary Ann brings loads of energy to each day...
Which this Mama loves, even with all her 'helping' :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

4 Today!!!!

Happy Birthday
 Ruth Ella
Thumb sucker

Lover of chocolate
Little lady

Sunday, September 8, 2013

9 Today!!!!!

Happy Birthday
Lego lover
Insect enthusiast 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Rambling Thoughts...

I have taken a much needed blog break, not one that I initially intended to take, it just happened. I have enjoyed the break, and in the process my mind has been working on overload. With a nursing baby there seems to be much awake time, therefore lots of time for thinking! Here are a few things that ramble around in my noggin....

Why does time go so much faster as we get older?....September already, 2 birthdays this month!....To blog or not to blog?....Time to nurse Susanna......I need to make a new grocery list.....Napping, napping as an adult is wonderful, wish I had appreciated it as a child!.....Ah, new babies are pure joy, sleep or no sleep ;)......Boy, we sure have accumulated a lot of  'stuff' over the years....We need to make a trip to Goodwill to donate this stuff!....Nurse Susanna....Having children from adults down to a new born is interesting, definitely not something I thought I would ever have......Crayon on the wall, grrr! Not funny!!!.....The seasons of life change quickly, I pray as I get older I always remember these seasons....There are only a few more days of swimming left, I need to make sure the kids enjoy them....Almost time to feed Susanna, again.....My 2 grandmothers are 93 and 92 they still live on their own, hard to imagine being that age.... Strange how years ago I thought the infant/baby stage was the best, now I see every stage is awesome!...Arthur has been so busy, we need a date night, well with Susanna :)....Fall is around the corner, so many places to go, events to attend, oh and yummy fall foods....Do I continue to blog or call it quits??.....We should go pick apples this year.....I love watching my children turn into adults, getting their own ideas, interests, convictions, and best of all hearing them speak what's on their hearts and in their dreams, truly a joy! In a few weeks we'll all be working at the store again, and back to full days of school. I'm looking forward to that.....Baby skin so soft, and the smell oh the smell!...Christmas, soon I'll have to think about Christmas!....Nurse Susanna, a sweet time to cuddle and hold my small one close.... I need to go to the post office, I have packages to mail.....School, I need to write down my project ideas....Potty training, Mary Ann is ready but Mama isn't?! In a few weeks I'll work on that with her......Cleaning house, seems we have cleaned our house more this summer than ever!...I sure wish I had been able to can lots of veggies this summer. Maybe next summer will be my big year of canning....Littles have such adventures each day, it's so fun to watch their imaginations unfold....Sisters, tea parties, dress up and  baby dolls what a fun combination....Brothers, airsoft, Legos, water fights, wrestling, and Roy Rogers life is never dull....Adult children, deep conversations, laughter, a special bond with siblings, and young wisdom so very refreshing...AGE, yes, age I'm getting older and I see it. I don't mind my age or who I see in the mirror, not as youthful as I once was but that's OK. In all the ups and downs I have had in life I wouldn't change a thing, not even the hard times for those have shaped me into who I am......

Life is a journey and I'm taking it one day at a time :)