Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

It's January and a new year,
it truly came so fast!
We said good bye to 2013,
which held some wonderful memories and milestones....
We welcomed in 2014,
with great excitement and anticipation
for new ventures and the unknowns!
I thought long and hard about resolutions for 2014,
I came up with a list of things I could change,
surrender, make, accomplish, and places to travel.
Then reality hit and it hit hard....
Can or will I be able to keep all the resolutions?!? 
Truth is, I more than likely,
can't and won't
keep the resolutions!
Oh, they are all things I want to strive for,
but not be so bound to that
I'm frustrated when or if they aren't achieved.

My plan is to...
 Live simply in this journey called 'life'...
To love deeply....
Soak in my family...
Wake each morning ready for whatever comes my way...
And I'm still keeping my list,
to check things off of "if" they are accomplished :)

Happy New Year, Y'all! 


Anonymous said...

I agree!!! :) I like to wake up each day ready to tackle whatever comes our way. You should be hearing from me soon my friend. :)

Anonymous said...


Lynda said...

Somewhere on the internet, I saw the explanation of New Year's Resolutions. They said it was a "to do list" for one week! I agree with your philosophy - - set some goals you hope to achieve or incorporate one day. I start each day with Bible reading. There is always a "to do list" so I don't forget some things that need attention - - but I ask God what my schedule should be for the day. More gets accomplished that way. Of course spending time with my family ranks higher than anything I "have" to do.

Faye Henry said...

Happy New Year, dear.. It is my goal to live more simply, too and hold on to His hand.. xo

Beth said...

Great to "hear" from you!!! Happy 2014 to each of you!