Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ruth Ella & William's Birthday...Part 1

This post is LONG overdue, from September!
William and Ruth Ella shared a birthday celebration  at a Mexican restaurant.
We had 2 dear friends visiting that week helping us do work at the farm,
so Matthew and Jonathan came along to celebrate.

The kids got a kick out of the singing......

William loved wearing the sombrero.....

 Ruth Ella not so much!!!

 But they both enjoyed the dessert!


Anonymous said...

That looked like a lot of fun. Everything looked so yummy!! I don't think I have EVER been to a Mexican restaurant.

Cinnamon said...

What fun! We use to go to a Mexican restaurant in California that served those yummy chips with whipped cream on them. We love them. And the restaurant loved big families :-)
What fun!!


Heather@To Sow a Seed said...

You all look like you know how to have a great party! :-)

Momma Chilson said...

Happy (belated) Birthdays to William and Ruth Ella! Looks like everyone had a great time!