Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blogging....Keeping it Real?!?

Blogging is something over the past few years that I have come to not just enjoy but love. I started out blogging to help family keep up with our happenings, over time it grew into more. I found a group of friends in the blog world and over the past almost 5 years I have met some of these friends face to face...and broken bread in their homes. What an unbelievable treat that has been. I have always tried to be real on our blog, yet, knowing that some things are, well, just for our family.  You know, our family is made of flesh, we the parents and our children are sinners... thankfully saved by His grace. Lets be real we live in a fallen world, and it's a battle daily not to succumb to temptation....for temptation is all around lurking and waiting. This is where the keeping it real comes into play. My hope is to always be real, to write what the Lord places on my heart....not what I think man will approve of or be entertained by, because I feel at times I've done just that, shame on me!

This blog has always felt like "home" to me, some where I could share my heart and ramble. It was a good fit, so to speak. But now it's doesn't feel as much like home as it once, I'm praying about this. In the past year so many things have changed, the seasons of life are truly ever changing. I have had very limited amounts of time on the Internet due to our move, so blogging has been sparse. I had once thought of closing down the blog all together, but after much prayer and talking with Arthur I don't fell that's the answer. In many ways I think a blog name change would make this blog feel more like home again. I love The Munck's Quiver, it is part of who we are....But our lives go much deeper than that. There are a board spectrum of topics I would like to chat and share about, for the few that are still here reading.

For now my hope is to catch up on all our birthday parties, our new to us country living, and home building. I want people to stop by here and feel at home, be encouraged, and see a "Real Family" living life, walking a journey of the unknown, but placing our faith in Him. We have shortcoming and we're far from perfect, we are real ;)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Memories Monday

September 2013
Elizabeth, Rebekah, and I took the little girls to a quilt show, it was the first time for Ruth Ella and Mary Ann. They looked and touched and of course picked out their favorite one. Ruth Ella picked a Noah's ark quilt, and Mary Ann chose the Cat in the Hat quilt. We too picked our favorite, it was hard to narrow it down to just one. It's so neat to see all the details of each pattern, so much talent in the hands that crafted them. One day we're going to make some quilts ourselves....well, one of these days ;)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Susanna is blossoming...

3 weeks old

7 months old

With each phase of her
blossoming we are having a blast!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Memories Monday:Madison's Birthday 2014

We received our big snow the day before Madison's 17th birthday.
Madison woke to a birthday snow,
 it was beautiful and lots of fun....
It was a birthday to remember!

Friday, March 7, 2014

7 on 7 from 2007!

Wesley sitting on our snowman chair, from our big snow last month!
Today is Wesley's birthday!!!!!
Our little man is now 7!!!!!
Today he is 7 on the 7th and was born in 2007!!!!!
A few things about Wesley.....
He loves to wrestle and is tough as nails, when his brothers start to get winded, well, that's when he's just getting warmed up :o
He likes to play with cars, planes, Legos,
and his new love Play-Doh! 
Wesley could live on PBJ sandwiches and pizza,
but his Mama makes him eat healthy things as well ;) 
Wesley enjoys silly movies, with slapstick goofy humor.
He belly laughs so hard at these movies that it's contagious
causing all of us to laugh him!
When sitting Wesley likes to sit close, he is a cuddler.
One last thing it's something I adore about Wesley...
his 'big' bear hugs!
He squeezes so tight you almost lose your breath,
and that's some kind of hug :)  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our theme tree....

Our January theme tree was snowflakes.
 We were given 13 beautiful handmade snowflakes
 from our dear friends the Potter family.
We hung the snowflakes in our windows and decorated the sills
 to add to our winter snowflake theme.
I loved the cozy feeling it gave the room :)
What else would we decorate the tree in but
Yep, love is the theme!
We enjoyed the window sills being decorated in January,
so we decided to decorate them in February as well.

March is here!
Not sure how March arrived so quickly, 
feels like it was just Thanksgiving!
Now I need to get busy coming up with a theme for this month?!?