Friday, March 7, 2014

7 on 7 from 2007!

Wesley sitting on our snowman chair, from our big snow last month!
Today is Wesley's birthday!!!!!
Our little man is now 7!!!!!
Today he is 7 on the 7th and was born in 2007!!!!!
A few things about Wesley.....
He loves to wrestle and is tough as nails, when his brothers start to get winded, well, that's when he's just getting warmed up :o
He likes to play with cars, planes, Legos,
and his new love Play-Doh! 
Wesley could live on PBJ sandwiches and pizza,
but his Mama makes him eat healthy things as well ;) 
Wesley enjoys silly movies, with slapstick goofy humor.
He belly laughs so hard at these movies that it's contagious
causing all of us to laugh him!
When sitting Wesley likes to sit close, he is a cuddler.
One last thing it's something I adore about Wesley...
his 'big' bear hugs!
He squeezes so tight you almost lose your breath,
and that's some kind of hug :)  


Anonymous said...

Happy 7th Birthday Wesley! What a special blessing you are to your family. We hope you have a lot of fun today!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to him!


How fun! A little over a year ago my niece was 12 on 12/12/12:)

Lynda said...

He looks so much taller than a seven year old. I so enjoy being around a person who loves and lives life to the fullest like your description of him. Praying his seventh year is absolutely sensational!

Momma Chilson said...

Happy 7th Birthday Wesley! You share a birthday with our 3rd daughter who just happens to be the 7th child born on the 7th! (except she is 19!)

I hope your day was special and many memories were made!

Theresa said...

Wesley and I have the same birthday and you and I have the same wedding anniversary. Very cool. I love the number thing!