Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blogging....Keeping it Real?!?

Blogging is something over the past few years that I have come to not just enjoy but love. I started out blogging to help family keep up with our happenings, over time it grew into more. I found a group of friends in the blog world and over the past almost 5 years I have met some of these friends face to face...and broken bread in their homes. What an unbelievable treat that has been. I have always tried to be real on our blog, yet, knowing that some things are, well, just for our family.  You know, our family is made of flesh, we the parents and our children are sinners... thankfully saved by His grace. Lets be real we live in a fallen world, and it's a battle daily not to succumb to temptation....for temptation is all around lurking and waiting. This is where the keeping it real comes into play. My hope is to always be real, to write what the Lord places on my heart....not what I think man will approve of or be entertained by, because I feel at times I've done just that, shame on me!

This blog has always felt like "home" to me, some where I could share my heart and ramble. It was a good fit, so to speak. But now it's doesn't feel as much like home as it once, I'm praying about this. In the past year so many things have changed, the seasons of life are truly ever changing. I have had very limited amounts of time on the Internet due to our move, so blogging has been sparse. I had once thought of closing down the blog all together, but after much prayer and talking with Arthur I don't fell that's the answer. In many ways I think a blog name change would make this blog feel more like home again. I love The Munck's Quiver, it is part of who we are....But our lives go much deeper than that. There are a board spectrum of topics I would like to chat and share about, for the few that are still here reading.

For now my hope is to catch up on all our birthday parties, our new to us country living, and home building. I want people to stop by here and feel at home, be encouraged, and see a "Real Family" living life, walking a journey of the unknown, but placing our faith in Him. We have shortcoming and we're far from perfect, we are real ;)


Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

As you know from our emails our life had changed a lot over the past year as well. God has been good to show us so many areas of bondage. You know my heart so I won't go into it again. I am glad to hearthat you will continue blogging and look forward to all you have to share! Hugs. Great picture by the way.

Anonymous said...

I was just talking about this very thing today with my husband. I try to be real on our blog. I want people to see the REAL. We totally blog our life here on the hill. We try not to share too much of the not so fun parts but I NEVER want to be one who lives their life to blog about. :) We document a lot of our everyday and I like to share but at the same time knowing that we make a whole lot of mistakes. I LOVE your blog Laura, I think you are very real and we appreciate that SO MUCH!!!! We are so happy when you share parts of your lives with us. MISS YOU FRIEND!!!

Lynda said...

I love the picture of you and Arthur! I totally understand your feelings about the blog because I mentioned this past week the time constraints I have during the school year. Selfishly I hope you keep it in one form or another because I like being "in contact" with you. Your family is precious to me. Plus you are encouraging to so many of us.

The Mayo Family said...

Amen & thank you...
we love the "real" and it is an encouragement to so many.
Sweet picture and looking forward to hearing, seeing what you share!
Lori for all
P.S. Yall have been missed!

cathy said...

Thank you for blogging....You are so genuine


Stella Clark said...
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Beth said...

Look forward to continuing reading about your family!

Mrs.T said...

Love the photo of the two of you!

I enjoy your blog very much and I think that you are very real indeed. I know that personally I have been wondering recently if the Lord would have me to discontinue blogging. I seem to have so much else on my plate. Yet as I consider this and pray about it, I truly believe that it's s ministry He would have me to continue.

Thanks for sharing your family and your heart!

1HappyWife said...

I do love reading your blog. I find it very encouraging and am often blessed and sometimes rebuked :) when I stop by. I have never felt you blog was unreal!
I know your feelings about shutting down the blog. I went totally private (as Gracie calls it "I talk to myself") even though my husband did not really want me to, he understood. I promised him, my children, and my parents that it would return in April. I love recording the daily happenings of our home and it has had the added blessing of something my heart has desired for so long ... to be more thankful ...focusing on all the gifts God has blessed me with.
Sorry for such a loooong comment!
I am laying in bed with the stomach bug so I had a little more time :) LOL!!!
Looking forward to your upcoming posts!!!!!!!!

Deb said...

Hi Laura, I've missed you! I'm guessing that life has been terribly hectic since the move!

I'd love for you to keep blogging! Love that photo at the top of your blog; first time I'd seen it and am sure it's your new farm, right? It's just a beautiful picture.

Sorry I haven't communicated...don't have your new address. Maybe we'll meet up at a future conference.

Two Sisters, Two Brothers... One Very Busy Mother said...

Hi, I'm Shannon, a stay-at-home mom of 6, living in Quebec City, Canada. My husband is the 10th of 12. I found your blog a few years back when looking to read about other big families. I too have fallen behind on my blog and find it tough to figure out how to start back/make up for lost time. I love reading your blog and hope that you keep on writing. It can serve as a scrapbook for our kids as well.

Momma Bug said...

Having never met in real life, I find myself in awe that I could value your friendship. Thank you for sharing a little of your world. I am certainly one (probably of many) who can appreciate the desire to focus on the beautiful (which is very real!) and also relate to being torn over the longevity of my blogging.

Just so you know, it's the Lord's gift of several mama's like you that have encouraged me in my walk as mother of a growing brood. Most of all, I'm grateful to see real women just living life and seeking to glorify God in all the sum of its parts. It's comforting to know this road is well tread.

Loving you~


Amanda said...

Although I don't always take the time to comment, I also love reading your blog. I feel like I've watched your kids grow up through your pictures. ;) Thanks for the time you have given so far, and I hope that you are able to continue depending on how the Lord leads you.

Momma Chilson said...

I read your post several days ago, but only now find the time to comment!

I so enjoy reading about your real life adventures! As a mom with a large family, 14 children with 9 still living at home, it is always an encouragement to visit your blog!

Thanks for sharing your family journey with us! Have a blessed day!