Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our theme tree....

Our January theme tree was snowflakes.
 We were given 13 beautiful handmade snowflakes
 from our dear friends the Potter family.
We hung the snowflakes in our windows and decorated the sills
 to add to our winter snowflake theme.
I loved the cozy feeling it gave the room :)
What else would we decorate the tree in but
Yep, love is the theme!
We enjoyed the window sills being decorated in January,
so we decided to decorate them in February as well.

March is here!
Not sure how March arrived so quickly, 
feels like it was just Thanksgiving!
Now I need to get busy coming up with a theme for this month?!?


Anonymous said...

The snowflakes are beautiful and one can NEVER go wrong with hearts. How can it already be MARCH???

Lynda said...

I love St. Patrick. His testimony is awesome - - being held prisoner - - - escaped - - and God convicted him to go back and preach salvation. HUGE numbers found Christ because of him. He is one of my heroes. I get ashamed when I think of what he did and how petty my feelings to others can be at times. The study of St. Patrick can lead to the secular idea of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which of course can lead you to covenant promises in the story of Noah and the ark.
And there's a book called "How the Irish Saved Civilization". I haven't read it all but it tells how many treasures were saved during the dark ages because of the Irish. There is probably a summary about it on the internet somewhere.
Just a couple of thoughts.