Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Family pictures....NOOOOO!!!!!

I'm pretty sure this was the reaction Mary Ann 
(along with 13 other family members)
had on Easter afternoon,
when I subjected the entire family to "pictures"!!!

You know I married a photographer, and it was in the 1990's when everyone took the posed family pictures. So, it's hard to break tradition/habit, and I'm the Mama,
 and the Mama wants pictures :)
The children were sweet and went along, thank you adult children...
I'd thank the younger ones but hey, they didn't get a choice ;)

All in all the pictures turned out, OK?!? Some goofy, some serious, and one or 2 that really looked like us. I'm happy with the attempt that was made, and will treasure the memory of trying to get the pictures as much as the pictures themselves.
As you can see Mary Ann was, well, Mary Ann ...love that silly girl!


Kait said...

No final picture of the whole family to post?! :-)

The Munck Family said...

Pictures are coming, maybe tomorrow;)

Anonymous said...

My fridge is hoping! :) Can't wait to see the updated family one. So glad my hubby is NOT a photographer, I am far from one but it would be hard to "share" my camera!
That Mary Ann.....oh she's about as cute as they come! Of course I think she MIGHT remind me of someone else!