Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life...right now

As I sit a top our back field and look out at the mountains I can't help but think of the life we left behind. Most people would think I/ we would be missing our old life and home. Funny thing is I had thought I might miss some of it, never did I dream I would love this new life as much as I do!!!

Yes, we traded in our well manicured lawn, a refreshing pool, and a home that was, well, exactly how we had envisioned our perfect home to be. Thing is, once our house was what we thought was perfect, our vision changed! We began to look at the country with open land, lush green fields and quaint farm homes.... and our dream/vision became what is today our new life;)

We now have a home made of old wood....and lots of new!

We don't have shrubs but wild flowers and weeds :)

Our neighbors seem to mind their own business..... I love watching them graze.

And our kiddos they have land to roam, they dig in dirt, sometimes come in with ticks, and let their imagination run wild! We've found such freedom just to be:)

The sun is starting to set and the flies that were once buzzing around my ears and starting to disappear one by one....I love the country flies and all! It's truly the simple pleasures of life that are most enjoyable.


Momma Bug said...

It's not the "simple" life as some might think. In most respects life in an old house with so many untamed acres to behold and often lots and lots of problem solving skills required, is very complicated.
There is absolutely nothing like it for raising children particularly, but also for refreshing the spirit (when you can step outside or stare out a window for a bit)and for creating some really wonderful memories!!
We laugh all the time that life is so much RICHER for the dirt, weeds, and ticks. When the simple life feels too overwhelming, all I have to do is watch the kiddos in the trees and dirt, hanging "herbs" in their forts and whittling away on sticks with pocket knives... Ah. This IS the life!
I'm so excited for you my friend, and for your clan.
Thank you for sharing pictures and ponderings :-)

PS we're trying Rose Geranium essential oil for repelling ticks this year - a bad year for up here. Might be worth looking into?


Anonymous said...

Loved a peek into your acres!!! Sooooo happy for you my friend.

Amanda said...

We also love the country life! There are things that we miss about living around Cleveland (mostly since we commute back and forth from Copperhill due to our jobs), but there are so many awesome things about living away from it all.