Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our little yellow house...

We have now lived here in the country for 7 months! It's hard to believe time has passed so quickly, we are loving the country life. I don't have an ounce of regret having moved from the city to this great land called the country. Only once have I thought wow, if we were in our city house it would be easier....but it was once for a brief evening;)
Our dream of living in the country started many years ago, and it took many years of saving to get us here. The farm was in rough shape when we purchased it and the house unlivable, so the purchase price was good. After a year of owning the farm we put our house on the market and prayed for a buyer....33 showings later the Lord sent one! In September we moved and we have never looked back, we are looking forward to all the potential that is ahead.
We had a long cold ~cold for Tennessee ~ winter so the work on the farm and house was slow. Now that spring has arrived new energy has too. Our little yellow farm house has taken on new shape over winter giving lots more space. No, it's not our 3,000 sq ft city house, but I wouldn't want it to be! This is our new house, the house that I have dreamed of. Once finished our little yellow house will be a different color, around 2,200 sq ft....with lots of old wood!!!! I'm loving the thought of no more white trim to clean little finger prints off of;)  Over the winter the walls took shape inside, the stairs went up, and bathroom showers/tubs were put in place. We had our metal roof put on last week, it turned out great. Next week our siding will be here, another big step we can mark off the list.
With the sell of our house it has given us the ability to build on and restore the yellow house. It's been so wonderful to for the first time in our lives to be completely debt free with no mortgage....the farm may need some work done to it but it's ours! We have plenty of time to get it just so :)
Well, it's getting late and my phone battery is getting low. I've been sitting on the porch writing this post and thinking about what life will be like in the fall...when we hope to fully be moved in the house.


Anonymous said...

I'm soooo anxious to see pictures of the inside! It's such a cute home,I can imagine the inside! May God bless your family!

Cinnamon said...

I love your little yellow house!! Perfect :-)

I can't wait for the grand tour....this fall you say? I will be there :-)


Anonymous said...

Love it Laura! We are just now learning to save for projects etc. that we need to accomplish here at our place. So much fun!

Momma Chilson said...

To live in the country AND debt free!!!! You are truly blessed! Looking forward to more updates!