Friday, July 25, 2014

July 4th

Chalk art by: Stephen
July 4th, Independence Day.....
This was a great day for a celebration!

The sky was a beautiful shade of blue,
the temperature was unseasonably cool for the 4th....
making it a prefect outside day!
~OK, unseasonably cool in the south on the 4th
meant it was in the 80's~
There was water play, with loads squeals and laughter :)

There were slow take it easy moments......

Arthur and Mary Ann
enjoyed a mid afternoon siesta on the porch...
~ah life is good!

The Munck side of the family
was coming over for an evening cookout,
 so we did a little decorating.....
There is never a lull in conversation when
cousins, aunts, and uncles around....
What would a 4th of July celebration be without
homemade ice cream?!?
Ice Cream and cookies were a hit!

 To finish off the evening we went to the back field
and had a campfire and fireworks!!!!

The Munck family had so much fun,
we are going to make this an annual thing :)

1 comment:

Cinnamon said...

No I think you should come here for the 4th ;-) haha!

Hands down, my favorite picture is of Arthur and Mary Ann napping. So sweet~

What fun the Muncks have had....great family gathering too...and that water slip n slide....great fun!