Monday, August 18, 2014

The dog days of summer....

Ah, the dog days of summer are here! It's sultry outside and by mid afternoon it's not fun being outside....unless you have cup of ice cold tea or ice cream :)

I'm not sure about you, but I'm so ready for fall...colored leaves, hay rides, pumpkins, sweatshirts, spiced cider, apple ~everything~ ....I can almost smell fall now!

I never like to feel as though I'm wishing time away, so I'll enjoy the last bit of summer....before my favorite time of year arrives  ~F-A-L-L ~


Anonymous said...

Fall is my FAVORITE too! Loving our cooler days! :)

Amy Joy said...

My husband just told me yesterday he wishes Fall would be here. I am still enjoying Summer after the terrible Winter we had, but Fall doesn't sound to bad either:)

Matthew said...

We must have just missed them of these years we want to experience at least a little bit of those good 'ol Southern sultry summer days--just to know how they compare to our northern ones :)

I'm a long ways from being ready for the summer to be over--still lots of projects to accomplish before the cold weather hits, but I will admit that I'll be glad when August is over, for more than one reason!

Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons too! Right up there with Winter, Spring and Summer!! :) Deer season being a real good autumn bonus!

Trust y'all will soon be as comfortably moved into the little red house as Cookie seems to be there on the porch. :)


1HappyWife said...

Oh, I just LOVE fall and everything about it :). School started today and it felt just like a fall day ... leaves are even changing and Baby is due in one of the most beautiful months of the year :). Now I am craving apple cider too.

Alice said...

Hi Laura!
Fall is my favorite time of the year too... and my birthday is at the end of September, which makes it even more special! :-)
Here in Italy, Summer has been unusually cool and extremely rainy, but now instead of dreading to look forward for more hot and sticky days I am eagerly anticipating the pretty colors and earthy smells Fall will bring about.

Lynda said...

Air conditioning is my favorite summer time weather!!! I, too, love autumn - - immensely. Wish it could be year round.