Monday, September 15, 2014

Family Update...

OK, let's chat....
It's the middle of September, I'm  way behind in blogging....
Apparently I'm a blog slacker!!!
Now that we have that simple truth established,
lets get started....
And I'll start with a silly tidbit......

We live in Tennessee and tobacco is one of it's major crops, producing 45 million pounds or so per year. This tobacco field can be seen from one of the roads that we travel daily. The beauty of this field and the others surrounding it captivated me. I watched it as grow from nothing, to a vibrate green, then I watched as summer faded and the color of the tobacco did as well. As we passed by I would catch myself looking at the field and how peaceful it looked. Last week we had the camera in the van, and Arthur stopped so I could take a few pictures...though the pictures didn't really capture it in the same way. A couple of days later when we passed we noticed the fields had been harvested...I was a little disappointed as my daydream field was now gone. Just like the seasons of this field changing, life has a way of doing the's not bad it's just different :-)

To save time I'm going to do a bullet point of happenings....

  • This month we will have lived in the country for 1 year, hard to believe!
  • School is getting back into full swing
  • This summer we have taken several weekend
  • We have had several birthday celebrations...that I need to post
  • Our farm house restoration/remodel is getting closer to completion
  • Susanna had her first birthday in August 7th, she is a mess, a good mess :)
  • We are attending a new church, and we're loving it
  • Our garden this year turned out good, next year we hope to go bigger
  • Amanda and Joe are expecting a baby...we're excited about being grandparents
  • Our store was busy this summer, Thank you Lord. It took team work to get it all done from grooming, daycare, and boarding.
  • Madison dislocated his shoulder on the slip-n-slide...Ouch!
  • The boys went to a Christian Sportsman Rally
There are so many little things in the mix of life also taking place, to many to mention or to bore you with. I'm loving this season we are in, the crazy days and the blah ones.

Seeking to take in all around me, and live life simply~


Momma Chilson said...

Congratulations on becoming a grandparent! It makes being a parent even more amazing! We love watching our married children raising their offspring and the blending of two personalities raising a little one.

Ahh, your summer sounds like it has been filled with many memories! That is life, walking a journey and making memories out of each step!

Anonymous said...

Been thinking of you lots my friend. :) So EXCITED that Amanda and Joe are expecting a baby!!! AHHHH!!!! When are they due? Grandparents!!!!You will be a WONDERFUL Grandma. Sooooo excited for you all. Take care my friend. Enjoyed your catching up post.

The Pauls' Family said...

Exciting times. The good days, the not so good days...all memory makers!

Lynda said...

Time sure does fly by. You are posting too much cuz you don't want to make me feel badly for only posting once a month!!!
Ouch on the dislocated shoulder. I have heard that is quite a painful injury. Did they put it back in with him awake or did he have to be done surgically?
CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming blessed event. As much as you love parenting, Grandparenting is even better!!!!! When is their due date?

Laura said...

Hello Everyone,

Yes, these are exciting times, on more levels that I could even share at present :) Amanda's baby is due January 8th! She is doing very well and glowing, they plan to waiting until baby arrives to find out the gender...I think girl, but boys are wonderful too!

Madison's shoulder, yes, it was very painful! They gave him a big dose of morphine popped in back into place...fully awake! He did great! He's still in the process of building the muscles back, it's a long recovery.

Thanks to all who stopped by~

Anonymous said...

Sooo excited to hear that Amanda and Joe are going to wait to hear the gender. That is one of the most fun events of life....finding out who you waited for all those months. :) It is the perfect pay for all that hard work at the end.
Glad that Madison is doing better. Boys they are SO TOUGH!