Monday, September 22, 2014

Memories Monday: Moving Day

On this day 1 year ago today we said good-bye to our city home,
and we moved our final boxes and began country living.

 Storage bins are the best to pack in, much safer for those breakables too.
 While packing, the littles kept occupied watching Busytown....
Yep, it was a babysitter ;)
There were boxes, boxes everywhere....
22 years worth of "stuff".
 At moments I felt like Mary Ann looks in this picture.

Susanna was 6 weeks old when we moved, she rode in the Moby Wrap a lot during the move. 

The move was a bit overwhelming at moments, until we got a good system for packing and loading.

Blurry...this was a cell phone picture
The final few days before we moved we only had the essentials left at the house,
so meal times we sat on the kitchen floor to eat.
As crazy as these last days before the move were, I hold them as a fond ;-)

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Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

I love seeing your family in motion. Mary Ann's face is priceless. :-)