Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 For 21...Can Jonathan Drive?

There are some people with Down Syndrome who have a drivers license and can drive...
you can read about them on Noah's Dad blog~
Jonathan turned 16 on Thursday, he is light-years away from getting his drivers license.
That didn't stop him from enjoying practicing his skills while at Dollywood a week ago.
There are many factors why Jonathan will probably never get a drivers license,
I believe he'll be Ok with that :)
So, we'll let him drive our golf cart and take him places like
Dollywood to enjoy a spin every now and then.
The great thing is Jonathan has lots of siblings to chauffeur him around...
A few of the younger kiddos enjoyed taking older siblings for a ride....
Elizabeth & Susanna...she was brave :o


Madison & Mary Ann

This pair made me laugh so hard!!!!

Rebekah & Ruth Ella
Stephen & Wesley

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