Saturday, January 10, 2015

December 2014

This is a small portion of December....

This tree farm is about 5 miles from our house:-)
It was bitter cold and windy the day we went to the tree farm..
We have really enjoyed the tree farm experience.

We chose a "mini" tree this year..
Our littles were so excited about having a tree their size.
I thought this wasn't a great idea, I was proven wrong, it turned out so cute!
We took some of our Christmas card pictures while at the tree farm.
 The highlight for the children at the tree farm is getting hot cocoa while our tree is being wrapped.

 Bekah drove her car so she could bring the tree home for us :-)
Our "mini" tree, I absolutely enjoyed looking at the tree this year.
Christmas is "my" favorite holiday and time of the year, but with being so pregnant I didn't have it in me to decorate like I normally do....keeping things simple was my plan. Elizabeth picked up where I slacked. She decided to decorate the tree with homemade ornaments. She had craft days with the littles, and they made the ornaments that hung on the tree. The littles were so proud of their homemade ornaments....when I looked at the tree I saw creativity, love, simplicity, and beauty. I think it was the pretties tree ever.

Christmas Eve dinner....
It was a real treat to be able to leave the hospital and come home to have Christmas Eve
 with my family, though it was 'hard' to leave my babies behind.

DECEMBER 23, 2014
Our first Christmas gifts arrived....
Olivia Noel & Emma Joy

Our sweet girls may have had to celebrate their first Christmas in the hospital,
but everyone needs a tree.....
So, Elizabeth made them a little tree to have on their beds.
The nurses gave the girls Christmas booties to wear along with pink reindeer hats...
They looked very festive ;-)


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Olivia & Emma

Crib Buddies

Life in NICU has given our sweet girls a good start their future...
They have had top notch care while here...
And we have made new friends/relationships.

The journey in which we have been on for the past 16 days has had it's ups and downs...
Through it all we have seen the Lord's hand at work....
And felt His peace~
Emma & Olivia

The girls have graduated from the gavage feedings, and from the warming beds. They have gained strength and are now feeding well, and for the past 4 days have been gaining weight!
We will prayerfully be going home tomorrow...
Praise the Lord!!!!!!


Many people have ask if the girls are identical...
The ultrasound could never give us an answer to this question, due the way it was positioned.
After the girls were born the doctor thought they were,
but to be sure he sent the placenta off...
Today we received the news from pathology...
Olivia and Emma are identical twins!

In the weeks to come we will be taking life slow staying in and keeping warm...
We'll continue to "grow" our new tiny little girls...
And hoping to avoid all the nasty germs that come with winter.

~ Life is Good~